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The Brains | Satana Tarantula

The long-serving Montreal trio deliver another dandy psychobilly freakout.


THE PRESS RELEASE:Satana Tarantula is the brand new album from cult psychobilly band The Brains, formed by current Nekromantix skinman and jack-of-all-trades producer/guitarist/singer Rene D La Muerte! The Brains continue their theme of combining retro horror-inspired lyrics with high energy punk-infused rockabilly on this album of all new songs plus a superb cover of the ’80s classic Electric Avenue! Includes special guest appearances by psychobilly-punk goddess Patricia Day (Horrorpops) rockabilly guitar legend Danny B. Harvey (The Head Cat, Swing Cats) Tim Öhrström (Avatar) and more!”

MY TWO CENTS: Has it been too long since your last psychobilly freakout? Fear not; veteran Montreal trio The Brains will get your bones jumping and jiving with their eighth fearsome, full-throated full-length. Naturally, it features all the turbocharged bounce, speed-demon twang, chiller-thriller vibes and horror-ffuelled lyrics required by voodoobilly law. Unnaturally, it also includes an adrenalized cover of Eddie Grant’s Electric Avenue. Talk about scary, kids.