Too Much Of Anything Will Take You Just For The Night

The White Rock trio hit the ground running on the title track from their upcoming LP.


Too Much Of Anything are here for a good time (but not a long time) with their new single and video Just For The Night — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The title track from their forthcoming album produced by Eric Mosher (The Warehouse Studio), Just For The Night offers an unforgettable introduction to the White Rock, B.C. trio and their dynamic, no-holds-barred attack. Fuelled by blazing percussion, a hard-chugging ’70s-style guitar riffage and a vibes midway between ’90s post-punk and garage-rock sensibilities, it’s a high-energy indie-rock roller-coaster that takes cues from Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age and Green Day. But there’s also a message in the madness.

“When everybody wants to have a good time without consequences, the line ‘How are you gonna handle this in the morning when you’re sober?’ is the voice of reason in your head,” explain Keenan Strand (vocals, guitar), Stefan Sattran-McCuaig (bass) and Liam Wilson (drums). “When Keenan writes ‘Make a mountain of a molehill, so I can hangout with my demons’, he is expressing the overreaction of issues, sometimes on purpose, to feel a specific way. The chorus line: ‘Maybe I’m just, maybe I’m just losing my mind, it’ll be clear, it’ll be clear all in due time’ showcases the problems of falling to the same impulses and not accepting the realities of those actions until later.”

Watch the video for Just For The Night above, listen to the track below, and get more from Too Much Of Anything at their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.