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Now Hear This: Belushi Speed Ball | Stella 1 & Stella 2 Double EP

If Sam Kinison fronted a thrash-punk band, it might sound like these Louisville louts.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “There are bands who do things by the book … and then there’s Louisville, KY’s own Belushi Speed Ball, who have successfully thumbed their collective nose at conformity since 2013. Belushi Speed Ball nominally play an aggressive brand of crossover thrash, but their focus on absurdity and unorthodox aesthetics allows them to stand in a category of their own creation.

Notorious for thrashing (and trashing) venues with their eccentric theatrical performances, every Belushi Speed Ball live experience is deliberately very different from the one prior. Their most recent performance, to paint a vivid picture, was a post-pandemic show where the band played from a moving van, visiting socially distanced bar patios while dressed in apocalyptic Mad Max attire. Each unique live experience is documented on the band’s official youtube channel, The Señor Diablo Show.

To date, the band have released their music on notably obscure media. Prior releases include an album on a comic book, a working album for Gameboy Advance, and a single housed within the bowels of a Furby. Keeping with non-conformist tradition, their newest album will be released on (literal!) tapestry, which includes an informational VHS tape.

Stella 1 and Stella 2 is a double EP. Alongside a veritable bevy of crossover bangers, this release features the new single We Aren’t Thrashers, We Are Hipster Posers, which was written in response to a harsh youtube comment left in regards to Belushi Speed Ball’s physical appearance. Says vocalist Senor Diablo in regards to this latest opus: “We are super excited to have worked with Joel Grind and Chase Bensing in producing our new double EP. Keeping with the theme of obscure media release, we are proud to present our new album with informational VHS on literal wall tapestry, in addition to CD and all streaming platforms.”

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