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Next Week in Music | Jan. 11-17 • The Long List: 200 Releases On The Way

All the music you need to hear in the next seven days — and plenty more besides.

Need some new tunes to blow away the January blues? You should be able to find some here:



Nicki & Patrick Adams | Lynx
The Album Leaf | Synchronic Soundtrack
Allred & Broderick | What The Fog
AMR | Mirage
Apifera | Overstand
Aseret | Consciousness of Undefined
Ashnikko | DemiDevil
A Stick And A Stone | Versatile
Azure Ray | Azure Ray 20th Anniversary Editon
Bananagun | The True Story of Bananagun Deluxe Edition
Quinton Barnes | As a Motherfucker
Basteeeph | Nada absoluta
Beach Bunny | Blame Game EP
Beautify Junkyards | Cosmorama
Be The Wolf | Torino
Brant Bjork | Jalamanta Reissue
Black Magic Tree | Through the Grapevine
Blackout Problems | Dark
Bloody Hammers | Songs Of Unspeakable Terror
Body In The Thames | Public Domain 3D Terrain
Matt Boroff | Beautiful Machine
David Bowie | Brilliant Live Adventures Part 3: LiveAndWell.Com
Patricia Brennan | Maquishti
Burden Man / Othrs | Grievance Split EP
Meaghan Burke and The Rhythm Method | A Few Concerns
Buzzcocks | Complete UA Singles 1977-1980
Carm | Carm
Nyck Caution | Anywhere But Here
CB3 (Charlotta’s Burning Trio) | Live Sessions
Celeste | Celeste
Greyson Chance | Holy Feeling
Pearl Charles | Magic Mirror
Cheekface | Emphatically No.
The Chills | Soft Bomb Vinyl Reissue
The Chills | Submarine Bells Vinyl Reissue
Circulatory Garden | Primordial Circulation
J.R. Clark | When Muzik Was Good
Scott Clark | This Darkness
Billy Cobb | Billy Cobb (Bear Album)
Coldun | Grand Sun Ritual
Comfy | Volume For
Crack The Sky | Tribes
Dale Crover | Rat-A-Tat-Tat!
Crypt Trip | Rootstock Reissue
Crystal Viper | The Cult
Marie Dahlstrom, Dan Diggas, and Aligo | 4inARow EP
Daniel Takes A Train | Last Ticket To Tango Reissue
Kate Davis | Strange Boy
Bob Davoli | Wistfully Yours
Devin Dawson | The Pink Slip EP
Joey Diabolic | Through Soundwaves Vol. 3 EP
Diamond Dixie | Growing Wings
Diocletian | Darkness Swallows All
Dr. Hook | Bankrupt / A Little Bit More Reissue
Dragony | Viribus Unitis
Dread Sovereign | Alchemical Warfare
Dreadzone | Rare Mixes Vol 1
Kenny Drew | The Classic Albums 1953-1961
Duel | Fears Of The Dead Reissue
Danielle Durack | No Place
Werner Durand | To Be Continued: Early Recordings 1978-1980
Edenbridge | The Chronicles of Eden Part 2
Eggshells | Hopeless Romancers
Danny Elfman | Batman: Original Motion Picture Score Vinyl Reissue
Danny Elfman | Dick Tracy Vinyl Reissue
Tommy Emmanuel | Imagine EP
Europe | Gold
The Far East | New York Is For Lovers
Fickle Friends | Weird Years Season 1 EP
Axel Flóvent | You Stay By The Sea
Flying Rabbit | Eclectic Playground EP
Fractal Generator | Macrocosmos
Friend Request | A Gelatin Lake
Conny Frischauf | Die Drift
Front Line Assembly | Mechanical Soul
Gaeya | Awakening EP
Alfred García | Los Espabilados
Gates | Threads Bound In Lapis Single
Ghosts Of Atlantis | The Third Pillar
Giants, Dwarfs and Black Holes | Everwill
(G)I-Dle | I Burn
Benny Goodman | The Small Bands Collection 1935-45
Grandbrothers | All The Unknown
Gravehuffer | NecroEclosion
Sadie Gustatson-Zook | Vol. 1
Häiriköt Sama Tuli
Healy | Tungsten
Hether | Whoooops Demos EP
High Reeper | High Reeper Reissue
Holy Toy | Close All Doors
Hospital Bracelet | South Loop Summer
Hot Chip | Straight To The Morning 10″ Vinyl
Frank Iero & The Future Violence | Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place EP
Illy | The Space Between
Infected Humans | Unexpected Traumatic Experiences
Ingested | Stinking Cesspool of Liquified Human Remnants
Benjamin Ingrosso | En Gång I Tiden
Insides | Soft Bonds
Invisible Eyes | Live At Glastonbury 2019
Julien’s Daughter | The Static That Carries Over EP
Kabbalah | The Omen
Kai | Showering With Spiders
Killer Boogie | Detroit Reissue
King Bong | Sand ≈ Return
Daniel Knox | Won’t You Take Me With You
Kode9 | The Jackpot / Rona City Blues
Komatsu | Rose Of Jericho
Evgeni Koroliov | Partitas Part 1: BWV 825, 826, 830
Kultika | Capricorn Wolves
Kuwaisiana | Chapter 2: Al-Baab Al-Thani
Kyusonekokami | Marmotlab
The Larks | The Larks Collection 1950-55
Christian Leave | Heavy Hitting Hurts My Head EP
Corey Ledet | Corey Ledet Zydeco
Led Zeppelin | Immigrant Song / Hey, Hey, What Can I Do Vinyl
Jody Lo | I Will Not Break The Scale
Jim Lowe | The Jim Lowe Collection 1953-61
Lycopolis | The Procession
Julien Manaud | Adaptation Vol. 2
Martin & Garp | Sentimental Fools
Mayday Parade | Live At Screaming Eagle EP
Curtis Mayfield | Superfly Vinyl Reissue
Emma McGrath | Settled In Motion
Buck Meek | Two Saviors
Francisco Mela | MPT Trio Volume 1
The Memphis Jug Band | The Memphis Jug Band Collection 1927-34
Menagerie | Many Worlds
Mensa Deathsquad | Painted Zero
Midnight Sister | Painting the Roses
J.B. Mills | The Beat Sox Sessions
Miss Lava | Doom Machine
Mr. Argenis | Possibility / All I Wanna Do
Molten | Dystopian Syndrome
Ryland Moranz | XO, 1945
Morfonica | Bloom Bloom
Lon Moshe & Southern Freedom Arkestra | Love Is Where the Spirit Lies
Mylow | Voyager EP
Need | Norchestrion: A Song For The End
Oberon Rose | Holographic Blues
Emeka Ogboh | Beyond the Yellow Haze
Okcomputer12127 | ( )
Eamon O’Leary | The Silver Sun
Michael Peter Olsen | Yearning Flow
Outlaw Boogie | The Circle EP
Fröbelin Palikat | Lits, Läts
Emmanuelle Parrenin & Tolouse Low Trax Jours De Greve
Peter, Paul & Mary | Peter, Paul & Mommy, Too DVD
Petric | Flashbacks
Pinegrove | Amperland, NY
Pink Cigs | Pink Cigs Reissue
Marc Platt | Colors Of The Universe
Pom Poko | Cheater
Prismatics | Endlessly
Reptant | Return To Planet X’trapolis
Karl Richter | Complete Recordings On Archiv Produktion and Deutsche Grammophon
Robohands | Shapes
Rosier | Légèrement
Rvbber VVitch | Mastvrbations Malveillantes MMXVII
Ruins Of Elysium | Amphitrite: Ancient Sanctuary in the Sea
Jaromil Sabor | The Sun Inside
Saint Karloff | Interstellar Voodoo Deluxe Edition
Samia | The Baby Reimagined
Satanize | Baphomet Altar Worship
Peter Schilling | Vis Visa
Senbeï | Toitsu
7Order | One
Sexual Harassment | I Need A Freak
Shame | Drunk Tank Pink
Shordie Shordie & Murda Beatz | Memory Lane
Shunia | Shunia
Jaymie Silk | The Legend Of Jack Johnson EP
Sleaford Mods | Spare Ribs
Soar | Guardians Remixed and Remastered
Souvlaki | Continued Survival
Spiteful Bum | Bum Spiteful EP
Starified | Fat Hits
Tim Story | Threads Vinyl Reissue
Steve Strongman | Tired of Talkin’
Matthew Sweet | Catspaw
Taylor Swift | No Body, No Crime
Talk Talk | It’s My Life Vinyl Reissue
Tantivy | Eyes In the Night
TDW | The Days the Clocks Stopped
This Will Destroy You | Live in Reykjavik, Iceland
Thou And Emma Ruth Rundle | The Helm Of Sorrow EP
Mary Timony | Mountains 20th Anniversary Edition
Tonus | Modulation Grid II
Torn Fabriks | Consumption of the Mind
Treasure | The First Step: Treasure Effect
Tucker Lane | Random Fireworks on a Beach Obscured by Trees
KT Tunstall | Drastic Fantastic Ultimate Edition
Matt Urmy | South of the Sky
Various Artists | The House That Bradley Built Deluxe Edition
Various Artists | Just Behind the Creek: Field Recording at Kickin’ It on the Creek 2019
Various Artists | One Night In Miami… Soundtrack
Various Artists | Saturday Night: South African Disco Pop Hits, 1981-1987
Vajra | Irkalla
Voodoo Circle | Locked & Loaded
Fran Warren | The Fran Warren Collection 1945-56
Wedge | Like No Tomorrow
Gerry Weil | The Message
Weird Tales | Y’all Motherfuckers Forgot ‘Bout Good Ol’ Son of a Bitchin’ Blues
White Suns | The Lower Way
Why Don’t We | The Good Times And The Bad Ones
Wild | Goin’ Back
Virginia Wing | Private Life
Zayn | Nobody is Listening