Rusty Creek Fight The Good Fight With Bombs Away

The Vancouver roots group dedicate their anti-war single to the victims in Ukraine.

Rusty Creek wade into battle with their quietly intense new single and video Bombs Away — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

In the Vancouver roots veterans’ latest release, you can hear echoes of Roger Waters — along with the smooth country blues vocals of lead singer Alex Deeth, narrating a story of what it’s like for innocent people who have been affected by the evils of war. “This song was originally written back in the 1980s,” Deeth explains. “I was writing about the bombing of Britain during WWII. But eventually, the Vietnam War, The Iraq War, Afghanistan War and then Syria and now the disgusting Russian War against the Ukraine. So, the song unfortunately becomes a song for the ages. The song is an anti-war song.”

Through his powerful yet melodic tone, the Victoria native narrates the chorus:

“So what did the kid say to his sister?
Why did the man say? Bombs away.
And can you remember why the whole thing started.
Why did the man say? Bombs away.”

Rusty Creek were formed in 2015 by Deeth (vocals/songwriter) and Peter Callaway (guitar/banjo/vocals) but turned into a quartet with the addition of Lee Stephens (bassist) and Leonard Saidman (drummer). They describe their music as “a mixture of bluegrass, country blues, western swing, Cajun, and anything else we can think of.” The talented foursome draws from a wide range of influences that, in their hands, sound completely original and yet warmly familiar.

You can find Bombs Away their latest album The Road of Life, released in June 2022. Watch the video for the song above, hear more from Rusty Creek below, and join them at their website, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.