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New Mexican country-rock hippes make Cosmic American Music for this millennium.


It’s Cosmic American Music for a new millennium — but only because New Mexico country-rock hippie couple weren’t making it in the last millennium. Turn on, tune in, etc.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Trummors’ fourth album Dropout City is located along that ancient road full of domesticity and dust, adobe and acid, turquoise and trouble, that runs between John Phillips’ Los Angeles and New Mexico’s mountain air. More of a town, really, than a city, Dropout City is “Population 2”: Just David and Anne, who formed the band 10 years ago, back in Brooklyn, before trading the skyscrapers for the Big Sky. But, you’re welcome to visit. In a different world and a different life, David Lerner played in Ted Leo & the Pharmacists. Anne Cunningham holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and plays the harmonium. Together, as Trummors, they share songwriting and vocal duties, among other things. When their debut album Over and Around the Clove was released in 2012, their acoustic aphorisms could find no campfire, so they exited and, like all good hippies, headed west. They landed in Taos, New Mexico, where the water doesn’t taste like wine, but rather it’s mitigated, and there’s less people in the whole town than their old city block. Waylon Jennings sang a song about the town. Doug Sahm died in a motel down the street. And the Taos Hum is less a myth and more of a note that resonates like the train tracks in Memphis. When it was time to record their fourth album, David and Anne called upon their California colleagues, the pearly gates opened, and they headed into an L.A. studio. Dropout City is a who’s who of “who’s dropping by?”: Colby Buddelmeyer (The Tyde), Derek W. James (Mazzy Star, Lia Ices), Brent Rademaker (GospelbeacH, Beachwood Sparks), Clay Finch (Mapache, Grateful Shred), Dan Horne (Grateful Shred, Cass McCombs) and Eric D. Johnson. Produced by Jason Soda at Palomino Sound on the edge of Echo Park, Trummors’ new songs feel relaxed, modern, and lush, moving in and out of time.”

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