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Get ready to fall in love with the enchanting sound of this Lithuanian trio.


If you’ve ever been keen to hear quirky, surf-tinged indie-rock played by an all-female trio that hails from Lilthuania, you’re in luck. And even if you didn’t know there were quirky, surf-tinged indie-rock bands fro Lithuania, you’re in luck too. Because you’re about to experience the enchanting, infectious blend of sugary sweetness and crunchy grit found on Shishi’s sophomore album Mafitishei. And trust me: It’s going to be love at first listen.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “This is what surf music would sound like if it was made in the dark near the frozen shores of the Baltic sea. Because it was. Benadetta, Victoria and Maria Rosa (these are definitely not their real names) are a trio of Lithuanian mermaids who create “zero-waste trash music” under the name Shishi. They sing about how it feels to be living in times when nothing makes sense anymore. Their music is perfect for people who care about what’s going on, but don’t really know what’s happening. Genre-wise Shishi takes sugar, spice and everything nice from surf rock and blends it with a chemical formula that has been distilled from the raw sounds of the best riot-girl and punk bands. The result is a beautifully awkward eco-friendly vibe reminiscent of indie surf frontrunners like La Luz or Tennis smashing into the powerful femininity of bands like Hole, Kleenex and Delta 5. The band known as Shishi was initially formed by three vocalists trying to play instruments they couldn’t play. Their 2018 debut album NAx80 contains a secret swear word perfe and was released after some intense and rapid learning sessions (it was around this time that they became mermaids, just in case you were wondering). Nominations, festivals and tours followed. As the instrumental skills improved in 2020 Shishi release their followup album Mafitishei in which the band searches for new seas on which to splash around. If this biography left you feeling more confused than informed and you suddenly want to dance upside-down, you are now in the perfect mood for some Shishi.”