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Kelly & Gibson In Hot Pursuit of Award For Chasing Feelings

The Vancouver pop duo continue to reap rewards from their debut EP.

Photo by Maya Hunter-McMartin.

Kelly & Gibson’s Affinity for pop music — not to mention their ability to create it — is paying dividends once again.

With their music sitting at well over 1 million plays across platforms, the award-nominated and MTV-featured Vancouver duo of Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson are also semi-finalists in the 2020 Unsigned Only Music Competition for their track Chasing Feelings, a highlight of their debut EP Affinity.

Looking at the video for the song, you’d never guess its production orbited just outside of the city’s by-law. “We initially filmed in a public park, and it took us about three hours to set up,” they recall. “But we didn’t have a filming permit. We were inspired by ‘chasing the good feelings,’ and just went for it! But we only got one 20-minute shot before the shoot was shut down by the cops.”

Ever resourceful, they literally took it home and completed the shoot in their apartment; the result is a confetti-piñata-bubble-balloon blast of eye-candy set to their signature musical magnetism, and a grade-a example of what keeps audiences coming back for more (and more).

Award nominations haven’t been in short supply either. Also up for an Independent Music Award and semi-finalists in the International Songwriting Competition, the pair first met in Montreal while manning merch tables for their respective self-fronted bands. Dubbed ‘Gemini pop’ for their two voices that work as fraternal twins mirroring, supporting and splitting from each other, the creative connection was near-instant, and it wasn’t long before they began collaborating on covers and original songwriting — as showcased on their burgeoning YouTube channel.

MTV quickly caught notice and rewarded them with a feature; Creative B.C.’s Amplify program soon followed suit, and provided a foundation for the two to release their breakout EP and video. “In general, we were very inspired by relationships for this EP,” they offer. “Relationships aren’t a fairytale. They aren’t easy, but the good ones are worth the work and the hard conversations in the long run. Getting through those things with someone, and being able to move on, is really what makes the magic happen.”

Watch the video for Chasing Feelings above, listen to more of Kelly & Gibson’s music below, and find out more about the duo on their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Photo by Kelli Lane.