Olenka Says Happy Birthday – We’re Through

Revenge is a dish best served with candles in the Toronto popster's vengenful cut.

Olenka lets you know the party’s over on her new single Happy Birthday — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Happy Birthday recounts a web of lies that a lover has woven to hide a mistress while still being present in their partner’s life. Olenka’s newest single starts with a retelling of finding something you didn’t want to find but deep down suspected might be true. “Many women find themselves blaming the mistress, rather than the one who did the cheating,” Olenka says. “You’re not a man if you can’t hold yourself down and control yourself when temptation arises.”

Olenka is a Toronto singer-songwriter who is wholly dedicated to honing her craft. Growing up in nearly London, she was exposed to music early on in life. Finding her voice early on (both in the musical sense and the “coming of age” sense), Olenka has never had an issue speaking her mind and creating her own music. Finding her way into sound engineering and production, she met her musical partner in crime Aftrparty. They have been producing together ever since.

Check out Happy Birthday above, sample more of Olenka’s music below, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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