Fresh Breath Know It’s All About The Likes & Shares With Latest Single & Video

Canadian roots-pop duo share their frustration with screen-obsessed existence.


Fresh Breath take a lighthearted poke at social media in their upbeat new single Likes & Shares — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“A single event inspired me to write this song,” recalls Josh Pascoe, one-half of the award-winning Ontario roots-pop duo. “It happened at one of our performances; we were playing and an audience member, I could see, perked up at the very first note.”

“She reached for her phone with excitement and began to film,” musical and marriage partner Katie Pascoe adds. “You could obviously tell this person took a short video, posted it to social media, and then proceeded to talk through the rest of the song.”

“There wasn’t a single hoot, holler or clap (from her) once the song was complete,” Josh continues. “I thought to myself: nobody cares, it’s all about the likes and the shares.”

The resulting track is a true team effort, they say. “The song was tried several different ways,” Katie shares. “We went super pop with it, then southern rock … But it just didn’t seem right. Then, once Josh added the piano track and I layered in some vocals, it felt very Fresh Breath.”

“There’s a destructive nature, we think, to our collective obsession with social media and hand-held devices on our mental health and well-being,” they say. “This song is a gentle reminder to be present and live in the moment.”

Watch Likes & Shares above, listen to more of Fresh Breath’s music below, read their answers to my 20 Questions, and catch up with them on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.