Indie Roundup | 45 Tracks To Fire Up Your Weekend

Enjoy Buddy & Julie Miller, Matt Berninger, Supersuckers, Eddie Vedder & more.

Ruff Majik know the score, Buddy & Julie bring the rain, Matt Berninger goes the distance, Devarrow makes change, Onslaught are down to clown and much more in another gargantuan Friday Roundup. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a drink.



1 | Ruff Majik | Who Keeps Score

THE PRESS RELEASE:Who Keeps Score is the latest single from South African stoner-rock kings Ruff Majik. The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming new full-length The Devil’s Cattle, set for release on Oct. 30, and serves as the first tune from the band to feature new member, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Evert Snyman (Pollinator) on lead vocals. The animated video is a collaborative effort between Lllewellyn Van Eeden and long-time illustrator of the band Annemarie Buchner. The idea was to illustrate and animate an enticing storyline about a band of vampire hunters that bit off a little more than they could chew. It’s got church burnings, zombies, high speed car chases, bad dancing — everything you’d want out of a B-movie, jam packed into 3:30. Comments vocalist/guitarist Johni Holiday, “Vampires are at large I tell you, vampires! Yeah. No seriously, some people are just so goddamn draining. The only way to beat them is to write a loud and fast song and jam it out with some friends.”

2 | Buddy & Julie Miller With The McCrary Sisters & Steve Earle | Let It Rain

THE PRESS RELEASE:Buddy and Julie Miller teamed up with Steve Earle and The McCrary Sisters for a powerful new song titled Let It Rain. Says Julie Miller: “A beautiful revelation has been jump started in the middle of a pandemic, no less. This is my song of solidarity. And it’s my heart crying with their hearts. Let the revolution live.”

3 | Matt Berninger Distant Axis

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In anticipation of Serpentine Prison, the upcoming debut solo record from Matt Berninger — frontman of critically acclaimed group The National — Berninger is premiering the new track Distant Axis, alongside a video which he directed with his brother Tom Berninger and Chris Sgroi. Berninger explains about the track, which he wrote with The Walkmen’s Walter Martin, “I met Walter Martin 15 years ago when The National opened for The Walkmen on a tour of shitty clubs in the American Southeast. On that tour I learned a lot about how to be in a band without ruining your life. I also learned a lot about Florida, Tennessee and Georgia. Walt and I have stayed friends and about three years ago we started passing ideas back and forth. Distant Axis started from a sketch Walt sent me named Savannah. I think it’s about falling out of touch with someone or something you once thought would be there forever.”

4 | Devarrow | Change

THE PRESS RELEASE:Devarrow has had Change in the works for a while; he explains, “Change feels a bit like an elusive house cat — it’s lived so close to me for years but I rarely see it. I wrote this song back at the same time when I wrote a lot of the other songs on my first proper album The Great Escape, but for one reason or another it didn’t get recorded. I then finally recorded it to put it on my self-titled record which I just released, but it felt a bit too poppy to fit with the rest of the tracks, so again, it didn’t make it on to that record. This song has been with me since the beginning it seems, so it’s nice for it to finally emerge from under the bed and let me show it to you all.”

5 | Onslaught | Bow Down To The Clowns

THE PRESS RELEASE:Onslaught release their new single & video Bow Down To The Clowns, the second track to be taken from upcoming album Generation Antichrist, out Aug. 7. Bow Down To The Clowns is a blistering, savage blast of metal, a rapid-fire aural assault raging at the world. Onslaught at their absolute finest! Nige Rockett comments: “We wanted this album to sound like an audio backdrop for the lyrics contained within, dark and brutal in the extreme — which is why we invited producer Daniel Bergstrand to come in and deliver what I think is an absolutely awesome mix! This is also a real perfect time for our new vocalist Dave Garnett to make his name within Onslaught. He’s stepped up to the mark in a big way over the past year, having stood in for some live shows when Sy Keeler was unavailable. So when the full-time position became available, he really couldn’t wait to get in the studio and do the business!”


6 | Summersets | More Less

THE PRESS RELEASE:Kalle Mattson and Andrew Sowka’s new duo Summersets share More Less, another new track from their upcoming EP. More Less, lyrically, is “one of the two characters from Small Town Saturday looking back on their relationship, their hometown and themselves with the perspective of time,” says Mattson. “It was the last song we wrote for the EP and there’s probably more of ‘me’ in there than any of the other Summersets songs up until this point. I know I was definitely working through a lot of my feelings about my career as a musician and all of that can bring after 10 years of doing this thing.”

7 | The Hello Darlins | Catch That Train

THE PRESS RELEASE: “After establishing themselves on the international Americana scene earlier this year with their debut single Still Waters (ft. Matt Andersen), The Hello Darlins release its followup, Catch That Train. The song continues the Calgary-based collective’s mission to deliver world-class tracks, and offers another preview of their upcoming full-length album Go By Feel. Catch That Train is about making changes in your life that can be extremely difficult — with the other option being the status quo, and the dead end to which it will ultimately lead. With its message of “you gotta catch that train to save your soul,” the single perfectly encapsulates the spirit of The Hello Darlins in terms of new beginnings.”

8 | Social Animals | Something to Keep Me Awake

THE PRESS RELEASE:Social Animals have shared their new track Something to Keep Me Awake. Recorded pre-COVID-19, the track is eerily fitting for this time; a time when each day feels like a struggle and each news bulletin stokes a fire of desiring change, of protest, of restoring faith in humanity. “It’s hard to watch the news today without a Xanax bar. It’s fitting, because if you’re not angry right now, you’re not listening. Every morning when I wake up in this strange new world we live in, I have to find new ways to stay motivated and keep myself awake. It’d be easier to sleep through it. But that simply isn’t an option. So we’re not going to ‘wait until this blows over’ to share this with you, because it shouldn’t just blow over. We need to sit with our situation, and find out what really matters to us and how we can help. Stay safe out there.”

9 | David Minasian | So Far From Home

THE PRESS RELEASE:David Minasian, the highly decorated progressive rock keyboardist, vocalist, composer and producer recently released his latest single So Far From Home featuring PJ Olsson (The Alan Parsons Live Project) on vocals. Now David is proud to share the video for the track. So Far From Home is taken from the upcoming album The Sound Of Dreams. The track is a majestic yet at times ethereal progressive masterpiece that echoes the golden era of prog. It is complex yet sensitive, and is performed with impeccable musicianship and stunning vocals from Olsson.”

10 | SayGrace | Girl

THE PRESS RELEASE:SayGrace releases Girl, a brand new single with an accompanying video. Girl showcases Saygrace’s badass-yet-playful songwriting skills and her stunning, soulful voice. The track continues in the same mindset of her critically acclaimed debut EP The Defining Moments of SayGrace: Girlhood, Fuckboys & Situationships. On her debut EP, Brisbane, Australia born singer/songwriter SayGrace made the conscious decision to put the version of herself she wants to be into the world. She created songs that tells girls they don’t have to have it all figured out or succumb to pressure to be something they’re not. That it’s OK to just be yourself. And that it’s OK if you don’t know who that is yet.”

11 | KSI | Killa Killa ft. Aiyana Lee

THE PRESS RELEASE:KSI has dropped the official visual for Killa Killa featuring Aiyana Lee from his critically acclaimed debut solo album Dissimulation. Teaming up with Lee, niece of the legendary David Ruffin, Killa Killa is the track that shows how KSI is killing the game in more ways than one. When he puts his mind to something, he normally succeeds. This song is a reminder that the British-born entertainer quickly evolved from YouTube sensation to a bonafide, respected artist.”

12 | Rich Aucoin | Dopamine

THE PRESS RELEASE:Rich Aucoin shares the new single and video for Dopamine off the upcoming album, United States. Aucoin wrote the album, observing America from the ground level, while cycling across it for Mental Health America (as well as the Canadian Mental Health Association). Dopamine is about introspection in its verses while returning to a mantra of mindfulness and being present in its choruses. “I wrote this while riding each day alone across the country; it was one that was started in Arizona but took a while to decide on its lyrics,” says Aucoin. “Riding for 8-10hrs a day meant a lot of time to reflect which could be both happy and sad and always returning to the present assured a renewed excitement to be alive. Lots of nostalgia and sentimental feelings in the verses remembering the past — ‘these are people who’ve come and gone and left me where I am’ or ‘all the things that have gone away and faded from my life.’ But, it re-examines that those things are still with you in your mind always.”

13 | Casey MQ | Celebrity Crush

THE PRESS RELEASE:babycasey is the debut album from composer, producer, artist Casey MQ. Across 13 songs, the record is an examination of identity formation through the prism of pop. Punctuated by original songs Casey recorded as a child, the album examines pop archetypes while revelling in the pure catharsis of the medium. babycasey is a radiant, deft statement from a crucial new talent — a gorgeous reckoning, and an honest reconciliation of ambition, queerness and artistry. Casey MQ is an artist, composer, and producer from Toronto. Casey has cemented himself to be a fresh voice within pop and electronic music.”

14 | Ed Harcourt | Drowning In Dreams

THE PRESS RELEASE:Ed Harcourt has announced details of Monochrome To Colour, his ninth studio album that will be released on Sept 18. Ed has also shared the stunning video for first track Drowning In Dreams, which was filmed in Iceland and shot by the regular Harcourt sleeve photographer and video-maker Steve Gullick. The pair found themselves in a remote cabin, with little sustenance beyond whiskey, and shot some hypnotic footage among the trees and snow-fields. “The new album,” he says, “definitely has a sense of explosion and euphoria in places. A massive thing for me is melody. I grew up playing Mozart and Beethoven and that has stuck with me. Melody is the central thing.”

15 | Corlyx | Porcelain Skin

THE PRESS RELEASE:Corlyx will release their new album Together Apart on Sept. 15. To introduce this new album the band is premiering their first single and music video, Porcelain Skin. The song tackles mental health issues and how they affect those you love and the ones around them. Vocalist Caitlin Stokes explains: “This song is actually about my mother who suffers from severe mental illnesses, I wanted to finally write about her finding the beauty in her incredibly fragile state, when we finished the track we were still in lockdown so making a video without being able to leave the home studio was a bit challenging but we managed to get creative with some green screen fx and made the best out of our isolation, a much needed creative outlet for us.”

16 | Enterprise Earth | There Is No Tomorrow

THE PRESS RELEASE:Enterprise Earth unveils a stunning quarantine-style playthrough video of their acoustic interpretation of There Is No Tomorrow, which appears on the band’s Foundation Of Bones EP, out now. Comments Enterprise Earth guitarist Gabriel Mangold of There Is No Tomorrow, “Doing the acoustic rendition of this song was a last-minute addition to the EP and, boy, are we glad we went for it as recording it was somewhat of a cathartic and eye-opening experience. It was inspired by bands that have done incredible acoustic renditions of their heavy tunes, namely Alice In Chains, The Contortionist, and I See Stars. Our sonic inspirations and musical expressions go much deeper than just being brutal and we wanted to express that sentiment and develop another facet of our sound. We love melody, peaks, and valleys within a song, acoustic jams that take you on a journey, and most importantly, we love writing music that resonates strongly within us.”

17 | Maliibu Miitch | Let’s Be Honest

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Bronx rapper Maliibu Miitch releases her new single Let’s Be Honest. The visual for the track, directed by Offjimmer, is also out. Maliibu Miitch stormed onto the scene with the release of her first EP, Hood Foreign, in 2013. Since then, Maliibu has gone on to release several singles and mixtapes, including the highly celebrated Top 5, which was an ode to her favorite rappers: Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Lauryn Hill, Eve and Missy Elliott.”

18 | Dead Venus | Redemptionless

THE PRESS RELEASE: “With Bird of Paradise, Dead Venus released their first album worldwide in May. Now the Swiss outfit around the singer Seraina Telli are releasing a new video for the song Redemptionless: It’s a story like the one of Romeo and Juliet: two lovers and the unruly wish to stay together until the end of time. Trying to cheat the human fate and getting punished for it immediately. In deepest mist their souls wander around, feeling each other but never meet again. Trapped, forever alone, “redemptionless.”

19 | AshenMoon | Dustbowl

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rock powerhouse AshenMoon are proud to share the video for their recently released single Dustbowl. Filmed in the middle of the COVID-19 Crisis, the Dustbowl video takes you on a scenic journey around deserted Los Angeles during isolation. AshenMoon members navigate their way through the deserted landmarks to find each other for a rooftop live performance. The standout shot captures LA Live & The Staples Center eerily empty. The message behind the video is if we don’t look after the planet, our cities will become dustbowls. The track itself, Dustbowl, is a kaleidoscopic view into a world of confusion and division. A message for individuals to trust in their path and journey into their inner-self to separate from an unbalanced climate. It is an escape, “Close your eyes, our only hope is sound.”

20 | Vanishing Point | Salvus

THE PRESS RELEASE:Vanishing Point release their new video for single Salvus, the second track to be taken from upcoming album Dead Elysium, due out on Aug. 28. You like dark atmosphere and melodies brought to musical perfection? Then Salvus will sweep you off your feet — this song is everything at the same time: touching ballad, monumental soundtrack, rocking and catchy AOR track. Frontman Silvio Massaro says of Salvus: “You know there are times and moments in ones life, which are completely put into perspective. There could be many things that happen in your life that you wish you could relive or wish you had done all again. Truth is no matter how hard you try to reach out and take back the time that escapes you like smoke in the air from every birthday candle you blow out. Salvus is a reminder to simply STOP and try not to think about the mundane routines and step outside yourself and look at the ones around you that truly mean more to you than life itself. Because after all ‘We don’t have to change the world’ but we can cherish every single moment and memory of those you love past and present.”

21 | Mikhail Laxton | Hold On

THE PRESS RELEASE:Hold On is the debut single from up-and-coming Australian artist Mikhail Laxton. Hold On serves as a powerful introduction to the rising star, blurring the line between genres while highlighting Laxton’s dynamic artistry and vocal abilities, and is the lead single from his forthcoming debut album Real, available next year. “Hold On is about when the anxieties within you build up to a point where you’re about to break; you’re ready to quit on being the good guy and just lose it,” says Laxton. “But you have that person and just by their presence, their spirit and their love, they’re able to remind you exactly why you need to hold on to the good inside of you and to always do what is right. For me, that person is my wife, and I hope this song reminds you of who that person is for you.”

22 | The Maguas | Will It Ever Be The Same

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Maguas are a Scranton favorite — this NEPA native five-piece anthem emo rock band, consisting of Erik Miller (Vocals), Matthew Jenkins (Lead Guitar), Daulton Rissinger (Rhythm Guitar), Luke Prusinski (Bass), and Brandon Ossont (Drums), found its roots in the Electric City and hit the ground running ever since its inception in 2018. Will It Ever Be The Same is a reflection on the emotional journey of being in love while chasing your dreams. It’s our love letter to the selfless people in our lives who sacrificed so many precious moments to allow for us to reach higher and go further than ever before. It’s a thank you to those who simply believed in us and our music, and continue to push us to become everything we may be too afraid to see.”

23 | Lexxicon | I Don’t Deserve You

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Following the successful launch of his album Bashment Trap House, released earlier this year, Toronto’s sonic hybrid Lexxicon shares I Don’t Deserve You. “This song is about finally finding someone to face the world with, who treats you with kindness, love and understanding,” Lexxicon says. “While grateful for finding this companionship there is still a part deep down where you still feel underserving of this type of affection. After spending so much time being emotionally manipulated, understanding and comfort feel strange. The lyrics ‘nothing’s guaranteed in a lonely, lonely world’ sums up the feelings of knowing that this kind of love is rare but also won’t last forever.”

24 | Yukon Blonde | Get Precious

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Vancouver psych-rock outfit Yukon Blonde are sharing their first new music of 2020. Get Precious was written and recorded using a mobile studio at Jeff Innes’ house last summer together with James Younger and Brandon Wolfe-Scott. “We were just in this space together creating, having a wonderful time when a conversation struck about relationships came up. As it does. We had all been in toxic situations in the past where we had friends or partners, who seemed to be upset when you’re thriving outside of their sphere. Like crabs in a bucket. It was almost revelatory how universal that feeling is — and so we wrote a song from the perspective of somebody in and out of these relationships, somehow simultaneously involved, but not affected by them. In other words, they see you in the bucket, they’re just doing something else, and something positive.”

25 | Bloodbather | Void

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Florida metal band BloodbatherKyler Millo [vocals, bass] and Salem Vex [guitar, synths] — have shared the video for the thunderously ominous new song Void. Kyler offers some insight into the dark track, saying, “Void is about fixation on a person and perceiving how good they have it. And wanting to wear their skin metaphorically and literally after observing them (stalking them) for an undisclosed period of time.”

26 | Seether | Bruised & Bloodied

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Multi-platinum selling band Seether rocked the music world in June announcing their highly anticipated return this summer with new album, Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (“If You Want Peace, Prepare For War”), due Aug. 28. Today, the quartet releases a brand-new track from the upcoming record — their first new album in three years — with the bold rager, Bruised and Bloodied. It’s a strong representation of the dynamic push-pull on Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum with frontman Shaun Morgan, bringing his intimate singer-songwriter sensibility to the band’s heavy rock grooves. “Bruised and Bloodied is a mix of self-deprecation and rage, neatly wrapped up in a sexy groove with a big shiny pop bow on top,” says Morgan. “Essentially, it is a combination of shame and sadness delivered in a cheerful way, as I’ve always enjoyed juxtaposing jaded lyrics with a jubilant melody.”

27 | LA Priest | What Moves (Soulwax Remix)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Following the release of his recent album GENE, LA Priest has enlisted the legendary Belgian duo Soulwax to deliver the remix treatment for What Moves. With the original racking up over a million streams globally, Soulwax have injected their trademark up-beat synth work to “What Moves,” solidifying the track’s deep earworm status. “It’s been toooo long since Soulwax last remixed something of mine (Best in the Class 2009). Now they just took What Moves over to their dimension. I’ve also just dropped the stems to the track on Soundcloud and I’d love to hear you guys toy with it too.”

28 | Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts | Jesus and John Lennon

THE PRESS RELEASE:Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts will release their new album Nowhere To Go But Everywhere on Sept. 18. The album’s first single Jesus and John Lennon, (one of two co-writes on the album with Steven Van Zandt) is out now. Of the track, Ryan says, “Do you ever feel like, no matter what, some things are destined to fall apart? No matter what you do, the end result is the same. This song is about that, and I was thrilled to take the concept, and the song, to the next level, by having the opportunity to co-write it with Stevie Van Zandt.”

29 | Riot Ten and Charly Jordan | Wanna Go

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Channeling the emotions of the open road and joys of exploring new destinations, Riot Ten teams up with Charly Jordan on the effervescent track Wanna Go. It leads off Riot Ten’s BLKMRKT project, which sees the bass producer take a deep foray into the world of house music. “Charly and I met via a mutual friend of ours. She thought we could create something cool and decided to make the introduction. Once I heard Charly’s vocals, I knew this had the potential to be a huge record. It’s honestly one of my favorite songs that I’ve worked on, and it’s so different from what I typically release. Can’t wait to hear the response!”

30 | Young Gun Silver Fox | Baby Girl

THE PRESS RELEASE:Baby Girl is the lead single from the forthcoming future yacht rock classic LP Canyons from the musical duo Young Gun Silver Fox. Canyons are places of mystery and beauty. The interesting thing is, while they are one of the great wonders in the history of planet earth and attract scientists of all kinds of disciplines, they have also been a popular retreat for artists and musicians. Maybe that’s why Andy Platts and Shawn Lee were thinking of Canyons when they wrote and recorded their third album as Young Gun Silver Fox.”

31 | Ski Team | Don’t Give Up (Yet)

THE PRESS RELEASE:Ski Team is the moniker of New Jersey-bred, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Lucie Lozinski, who is joined by a rotating list of collaborators, including her brother Ian Lozinski and West Coast friends. Her sound ranges from melancholy bedroom acoustic to Americana with electronic influence but there’s a sense of humor and existentialism that stays strong across styles as evident in her forthcoming single Don’t Give Up (Yet). “I write about my relationships with people and places. My songs usually come from being stuck somewhere — in a rut with a friend, with a boyfriend repeating the same fights, in a city that all my friends have left. I always feel caught between being too young to do something and too old to start, and my music reflects that cycle of yearning that people feel in all parts of life: when to quit a job, when to move, when to get married, when to give up?”

32 | Atramentus | Stygian (Excerpt II)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “From the frozen northlands, Atramentus is formed by members of Chthe’ilist, Funebrarum, Gevurah, and more among its ranks. Birthed on a cold winter night in 2012 and during an autumnal sunset in 2013, the cursed tale remained dormant for years, only recently being put to tape so the nameless knight’s saga could be told. Each of the three epic songs contained within differ widely to reflect the changing of autumn to perpetual winter. While adorned in the language of extreme funeral doom and dark ambient soundscape, Atramentus owe further debt to epic doom metal in sound and aesthetic and black metal’s anguished ferocity, but always the arc of Atramentus remains bound to the tumultuous melancholy and guttural immensity of extreme doom. Stygian is thematically tied, on different timelines, to the themes on Chthe’ilist’s latest EP and forthcoming album.”

33 | Motorbike James | Me Roll

THE PRESS RELEASE:Motorbike James is the musical brainchild and artist alias of Michael Werbicki, a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer from Edmonton. Motorbike James’ natural prerogative is to live a life in the moment, for the moment. Elements of electronic, indie rock, psychedelic, and R&B poke through each song. Motorbike James‘ debut track, Me Roll, brings deep synths, hip-hop inspired beats, and a laid-back vocal.”

34 | Your Grandparents | So Damn Fly

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Alt Hip Hop group Your Grandparents celebrate the release of their fresh new single So Damn Fly. With their genre blending sounds heavily leaning on funk grooves and eclectic soulful melodies, their art is reminiscent of the sounds of modern music greats Thundercat, Kendrick Lamar, and Tyler the Creator, as vocalists DaCosta, Jean Carter, and producer ghettoblasterman deliver a smooth and effortless first offering from their forthcoming debut album. “An ode to the unapologetically beautiful, Black and bold youth of today. We hope the way this song builds and evolves will leave our listeners in awe.”

35 | Adekunle Gold | AG Baby ft. Naillah Blackman

THE PRESS RELEASE: “As he continues to tease the release of his forthcoming album release, chart-topping artist Adekunle Gold continues to bring the heat with his new single AG Baby, alongside Trinidadian artist, Nailah Blackman. Capturing audiences with his infectious sound and dominating the scene as a global force, this latest offering is another brilliant melding of sounds, as he brings his authentic Afro grooves and charisma to the forefront of his art.”

36 | The Hawkins | Silence is a Bomb

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Hawkins released Stones, the second single from their upcoming album. The album, entitled Silence is a Bomb, will be released on Sept. 4 and contains 12 tracks of highly energetic and super catchy punk’n’roll. Keeping rock simple in a modern day and age. Just as contagious as the bird flu, the electric band vibrates into the sky. Drums, bass and guitars are just ready to explode. The Hawkins are always ready to drop the bomb. But there won’t be any silence when this band hits the stage.”

37 | Jenny Banai | Gold

THE PRESS RELEASE:Jenny Banai is an old soul and a child of the nineties, and as such, has inherited both the contemplative wonder and the wardrobe of her parents. She is a fresh and authentic voice who pairs powerhouse vocal abilities with unique and clever pop arrangements. Jenny’s new single Gold is an echoing lofi folk-pop track. “I want this song to remind us all that we are broken to be formed. That there is hope. Perhaps that is wholly unseen at the moment, but I pray that in some way, the pieces we embody, would reflect the wholeness we hope for.”

38 | Club Paradise | Growing Up

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Newcastle four-piece Club Paradise kicked off the year on a high with the release of Teenagers and now look to keep momentum going despite lockdown as they unveil their latest anthem Growing Up. In their own words, Growing Up “isn’t just about physically getting older, but about how times have changed. It’s about how disposable everything has become, whether that’s music or memories — it’s rare we hold and cherish these things physically anymore. We don’t hold memories on tapes, people stand and wait for limited retail releases worth thousands of pounds just to forget about the items within a month or two, it’s crazy — yet to some people it’s completely normal and to a degree, expected.”

39 | Ice Island | The General

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The debut single from Ice Island, The General is a suavely catchy success that infuses twangy guitars with synth-minded nostalgia. The Milwaukee-based project comes via Steven Hawley, formerly the frontman of indie-dance project Codebreaker. Quote from Hawley, regarding the track: “The creative process involved taking in a lot of big, open rural environments, connecting with nature and the present moment which previously, had been difficult for me. As a vintage furniture/antique dealer, I’ve had a lot of opportunities for road trips and meeting a variety of interesting people. Leading up to the creation of Ice Island, I’d been primarily listening to old country western, bluegrass as well as science fiction soundtracks and a few younger electronic artists I discovered. That combined with previous influences/experience all helped me to re-approach my writing in a fresh, meaningful way.”

40 | Supersuckers & Eddie Vedder | I Believe In Miracles

THE PRESS RELEASE: “On June 19, 2014, a historic moment happened onstage in Seattle, WA when iconic punk band The Supersuckers played the final, sold out show on their North American tour. For the encore, they covered The RamonesI Believe in Miracles. Already an important moment since lead singer Eddie Spaghetti was diagnosed with throat cancer and surgery was imminent, but it was became even more significant when Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder joined the band onstage with Blind Marky Feltchtone (Zeke) to perform I Believe In Miracles. “Somehow Eddie had found out about my cancer diagnosis and put the word out that he’d like to come to the show and maybe do something with the band,” recalls vocalist / bassist Eddie Spaghetti, “especially with the impending struggle I was about to undertake with the whole cancer fright. The song was extra poignant.”

41 | Crushed Velvet & the Velveteers | As Far As We Know ft. Brother GoodLove

THE PRESS RELEASE:Crushed Velvet & the Velveteers is the alter ego of US multi-instrumentalist and producer Alan Evans (Soulive / Ae3) who is back with another taste from his upcoming full-length with new single As Far As We Know feat. Brother GoodLove. The track is a soul song dripping with emotion and power on which Evans plays bass, drums and guitar. Born in Montreal to Cameroonian parents, Brother GoodLove was raised in a multicultural household and community where music featured prominently. Now residing in Washington D.C, he draws from a wide palette of musical traditions, from African-American to African, Caribbean, Latin American and European. His music is an exploration of his identity and sense of self, an expression of his personal views, a reflection on the world around him and a contribution to the future he believes in.”

42 | Dan Potter Sings | Panic Attack (Acoustic)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Alt-rock singer songwriter Dan Potter Sings is releasing a new single today! Panic Attack (Acoustic) is an upbeat folky rendition of a punk-pop song that is performed ‘unplugged’ with acoustic guitars and vocals. “The song Panic Attack (Acoustic) tells the tale of down on your luck circumstances, like when you feel society or some other forces are out to get you. This song punches back with a catchy melody and nimble acoustic guitar playing where its bouncy rhythms act as counterweights to the downtrodden reality you or I may face. This ‘unplugged’ punk song is all about having fun but in a macabre sort of way.”

43 | Robert Grace | Fake Fine

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Irish pop newcomer Robert Grace releases Fake Fine. Robert has the ability to write slices of cool heartfelt pop readymade for radio and Fake Fine is no exception. Showcasing Robert’s skills as a songwriter and a performer in his own right, the song sums up the trials and tribulations of living in the current climate. “The song is about pretending to be OK when you’re really not,” says Robert. “When everything is all an act. You might not even be in a bad situation but still, for some reason somethings not right and you’re trying to figure out what that something is.”

44 | Steve Aoki, Frank Walker and AJ Mitchell | Imagine

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Two-time Grammy-nominated DJ/producer Steve Aoki, alongside rising fellow DJ/producer Frank Walker, and pop singer-songwriter AJ Mitchell drop a refreshing high-energy summer collaboration Imagine. This new single calls us to imagine everything that comes with a relationship, blending Aoki’s signature electro-pop sound with Walker’s dance-pop and Mitchell’s smooth breezy vocals, and is set to save the dancefloor this summer. “This track with Frank & AJ is something we poured our heart & souls into, and I’m so excited for it to be out just in time for summer,” said Aoki. “The lyrics are something everyone can relate to, and the beat is something everyone can dance to. I wish we could bring it to you live in-person, but we have some special plans regardless to bring this to the world.”

45 | The Venus in Scorpio | Roam

THE PRESS RELEASE:Maxim Faster, known musically as The Venus in Scorpio, is an electronic producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. Roaming ambiguously across the spheres of ’70s Glam Rock, ’80s Goth and New Wave, and everything 2000 and beyond, The Venus in Scorpio’s unique sound captures a sprawling sonic essence that is strikingly familiar, while curiously bypassing the conventions of genre. The Venus in Scorpio’s second EP, I’ll Never See Him Again, is a dark synth pop trip through more intimate areas of Faster’s life, casting a glimmering pop sheen on their bleak personal experiences in emotional recovery and lost love.”

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