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Maryann Cotton | Hallelujah

Want to know who this shock-rocker is blatantly ripping off? Go ask Alice.

I love Alice Cooper as much as the next guy. Unless the next guy is Maryann Cotton. And yes, Maryann is a guy. Specifically, a Danish singer whose entire act — from his gender-bending handle (borrowed from a British black widow) and oversized eyeshadow to his sneering vocals and glammy shock-rock shtik — is blatantly nicked from The Coop. Which is OK, I guess. But it isn’t going to help him make a name for himself. Except, perhaps, as an Alice impersonator in Las Vegas. Welcome to his nightmare, anyone?

THE PRESS RELEASE:Hallelujah is the fourth studio album of the “Prince Of Shock Rock.” Let us turn the wheel of history back to a time that seemed so much more easy-going and light-hearted than the here and now, to a time when men needed more hairspray before gigs than a girls’ boarding school and in which not every word was taken literally on social media. With Hallelujah, Maryann Cotton take us back to exactly these times back in the days. Maryann Cotton, who recently moved to Las Vegas, created eight great songs with Hal Patino (ex-King Diamond, Pretty Maids) that are just as suitable for intense road trips as they are for nights in front of the fireplace. A little bit of glam, a little bit of pop, a lot of rock ‘n’ roll spirit — but all with a wink.”