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JJ Wilde | Ruthless

The Kitchener blues-rocker puts the pedal to the metal on her full-length debut.


Canada does a damn fine job of exporting pop stars and rappers. But it’s been a while since we launched a bona fide rocker onto the world stage. JJ Wilde just might snap that losing streak. The Kitchener alt-rock singer-songwriter got a good start with last year’s Wilde Eyes and Steady Hands EP. With this debut album — which augments the EP’s tracks and other singles with new tracks — she puts the pedal to the metal and burns rubber. Fuelled by gritty guitar riffs and punchy grooves that wouldn’t be out of place in the set lists of Black Keys or Alabama Shakes, and graced with her bluesy, powerhouse rasp, these tunes were precision-engineered for blasting out of the radio in your muscle car and bringing arena crowds to their feet. Global domination would seem to be just a matter of time. Speaking of a damn fine job.

THE PRESS RELEASE:JJ Wilde’s debut LP Ruthless features brand new Wilde songs as well as some of her most beloved singles, including: The Rush, which recently became her most successful single to date garnering over 3 millions streams globally; all of her 2019 EP Wilde Eyes, Steady Hands tracks; and her devastating ballad from January, Funeral For A Lover. After years of playing, performing, and paying her dues, Wilde is ready to unleash her first full LP, carving her name into the alt-rock genre as one of the genre’s most exciting newcomers. “This album has been a long time coming and I am so excited to finally be able to share it. It started out as a writing trip to LA and over the course of my first year being signed, through many personal ups and downs, gains, losses, new experiences touring and traveling, I feel like this album perfectly represent the years of my life leading up this moment and all the changes that I have gone through, good and bad. Between struggling to pay bills working multiple dead end jobs, toxic relationships beginning and ending, it’s all in there. Ruthless will give listeners a first and very personal look into my mind, heart, and everything in between.”