Indie Roundup | 15 Tracks To Get You Through The Black Out

Death by Unga Bunga, Jared Adams, Las Cobras and more make the most of Monday.

Death by Unga Bunga go their own way, Jared Adams plays by heart, Las Cobras know what time it is, Electric Jaguar Baby are out for blood and more in today’s Roundup. FYI, I’ll be taking part in tomorrow’s Music Industry Black Out Tuesday, so things will be be quiet around here. You are welcome to take advantage of the lull anyway you like. Unless it’s by sending me a press release. That would definitely be a bad idea.



1 | Death by Unga Bunga | Not Like the Others

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Norway’s Death by Unga Bunga is back! For over a decade, Death by Unga Bunga has dealt its own blend of highly energetic, rough and rowdy rock ‘n’ roll and wavy psychedelia. Now, Death by Unga Bunga premieres a video for the new track, Not Like the Others. Taken from “an album in the works”, Not Like the Others is the first in a series of new Death by Unga Bunga singles set to be released in the coming months. With more new tunes at the ready, listeners should buckle up for rock and roll that will fill your soul and music that will allow you forget about the troubles of modern life.”


2 | Jared Adams | Wild at Heart

THE PRESS RELEASE:Jared Adams describes his music as heavy folk, a mixture of soft, gentle acoustic guitars leading into soaring, distorted choruses laden in reverb. Often drawing on past experiences, his lyrics are a memoir of his life entombed in a shell of pop music. It’s this eclectic mix of sweet, poppy goodness and grandiose, acoustic epics that has Jared’s music subverting expectations. Hailing from the often freezing depths of Winnipeg, Jared has seen success playing in numerous bands including touring act, Colour By Numbers. Jared just released his first single, Wild at Heart. His June 26 debut album Tragic Nostalgia, recorded and mixed by John Paul Peters at Private Ear, explores the theme of growing old while still trying to hold on to the things you knew when you were younger.”

3 | Las Cobras | The Time Has Come

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Uruguay’s Las Cobras are sharing the latest video from their new live session series: The Time Has Come, originally from their debut Temporal album released back in 2017. The videos for the new series were recorded in Las Cobras’ practice space in their hometown of Canelones, built with their own hands after finding themselves fed up with little options for places to make as much noise as they want in the small city they call home. With recent plans for a European tour temporarily put to a halt in light of the current pandemic, Leandro says: “We wanted to do these sessions so that our friends from other parts of the world that we have not yet been able to visit could see how we are and how we play live. Hopefully, as soon as Covid passes, we’ll be able to come visit them all.”

4 | Electric Jaguar Baby | Blood Lust

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Parisian Acid-fuzz/stoner/psych rockers Electric Jaguar Baby just shared another music video illustrating the song Blood Lust (feat. Bonnie Bloomgarden of Death Valley Girls). Since their birth in 2015 in Paris, Electric Jaguar Baby have non-stop praised the cult of fuzz, offering it tracks born from a gang-bang with Ty Segall, Josh Homme, Jack White and Ozzy Osbourne, sprinkled with retro and occult ’70s vibes. Kitschy shirts and a Big Muff (volume on 11) are enough the fire up the stage, their favourite playground.”

5 | Prohibition Dead | Again

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A couple of weeks after the official release of their brand new EP called Unless You’re Afraid to Change, French stoner/fuzz/garage power-trio Prohibition Dead just premiered a brand new official music video illustrating the song Again. Prohibition Dead were founded in 2016 by Fab (guitars / vocals), Ben (guitar / vocals) and Phil (drums). All come from rock bands that have been playing on the French scenes for several years. What brought them together? Rock. But not just any. Powerful, wild, crunchy, fuzzy rock. Acting by gentle, sweeping waves taking you into the California desert for an erratic stoner trip to meet QOTSA before an electric flurry takes you back to a cymbal shot in a Chicago shed to shake your body off an epileptic song merging the influence of The Blacks Keys and Jack White.”

6 | Beans on Toast | Chessington World of Adventures

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Like the deceptive “daily briefings” and fudged figures we’re expected to swallow, the title of Beans’ new single is deliberately misleading too. A world away from fun and games of its usual day-to-day activities, the theme-park-turned-coronavirus-testing-centre in Surrey was recently exposed for its severe failings to return the critical results of patients and NHS staff. With many results returned to the wrong person or even lost completely, Beans uses Chessington World of Adventures as a case study to exemplify the complete incompetence of the current government as they scramble to lie and cover their backs. As Beans says: “I’ve always written about current events, and with the world now changing so fast I’ve been writing more than ever. Unfortunately, I found it impossible not to write a song about the political sh**show and the clowns in charge.”

7 | Raye Zaragoza | Fight Like a Girl

THE PRESS RELEASE:Raye Zaragoza is an award-winning singer-songwriter who carries an acoustic guitar and a message. Her forthcoming sophomore LP recorded with Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, First Aid Kit) will be released in 2020. Writing about social issues comes naturally to Raye. “As a woman of color in America, social issues are things you deal with and see every day of your life,” she says. “I write about my experience and oftentimes my existence has been laced with injustice.”

8 | Zebadiah Crowe | Godblind And Destitute

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The onslaught of darkness from the ressurected Zebadiah Crowe continues with the stunning new video single from their comeback album, Host Rider. Godblind And Destitute is one of the most vicious and spiteful tracks ever summoned into life by Forrrthen and The Horrid, the malicious beasts that lurk in the heart of the Zebadiah Crowe tornado — and the accompanying video is a violent assault of confusion, chaos, ritual and death worship. Share this missive from hell far and wide and spread the gospel of Zebadiah Crowe throughout the land. They have returned, never to depart, and the end of all things is nigh.”

9 | David Myles | Home

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Award-winning and critically acclaimed singer-songwriter David Myles shares the video for his latest single Home, taken from David’s new album Leave Tonight. Home is a bluegrass-inspired tune that gives David’s longtime support musicians, Kyle Cunjak & Alan Jeffries, time to shine. The video for Home was recorded in each of Kyle, Alan’s and David’s respective homes. David says, “For me, it’s a song about seeking unity with others. It’s about our deep human desire to feel understood and to be part of a community, whether among two people or just the random folks we see on the streets every day.”

10 | Sahara | Chimes

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto’s Sahara announce details of their first full length album, Pure Glass, which will be released on June 26. Sahara also shares the video for their lead single Chimes, combining a ’90s shoegaze and dreampop channeled via Adorable and The Bolshoi. “If there’s a common theme for this album it’s one of transformation. We moved from using a drum machine to having a live drummer and writing songs as a four-person group. Two of which were written during the year-long recording and mixing process. Our influences changed as well during this time. The starting point was ’80s New Wave via The Chameleons and early Cure records, later becoming more influenced by ’90s shoegaze bands like Ride and Chapterhouse. Now, as it’s being released, it’s going into a world that’s completely different from the one it was created in.”

11 | Milena | Higher Hopes

THE PRESS RELEASE: “London-based singer-songwriter Milena shares the video for her newly released EP title-track, Higher Hopes. Milena reveals her sanguine approach to creating the music video under difficult circumstances, “The original idea to make the music video Higher Hopes was a beautiful setting in the English countryside and old fashioned cottage, riding the bike amongst the golden fields … I was just about to shoot the video, then the lockdown happened. I couldn’t let that delay me, so with my trusted iPhone X, I shot this video by myself in my North London flat and local park. The message had to be the same: being alone is being strong, with the help of a Creator, with hope, every day is a new opportunity too, just like the time we are all living in currently.”

12 | obylx | Walk On

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Bristol-based producer obylx has released his single Walk On, which draws parallels to the contemporary works of Slowdive, AaRON and SYML. Influenced by the likes of Bowie, Grandaddy, Radiohead, Phillip Glass, and Randy Newman, obylx draws from a wide spectrum of reference points while at once never fully committing to any particular one — navigating deftly between obscurantism and pure genius. obylx approaches a more sombre approach for his latest single, with delicate piano notes radiating throughout the track. Walk On reveals a more melancholic mindset behind the producer, adding depth to him as an artist. Rich in texture and yet striking in its simplicity, the single envelopes the listener in inner turmoil, enflaming any dark thoughts they might have. oblyx takes his time, with both the vocals and the production style, revealing a mature sound that dances between dream-pop and shoegazing.”

13 | Speed | A Dumb Dog Gets Flogged

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Already emerging as a leader from the growing Australian hardcore scene, Sydney’s relatively new group Speed have announced their upcoming EP, 2020 Flex, due out June 19. To celebrate, the band have shared the pummeling lead single, A Dumb Dog Gets Flogged. Using the metaphor of a “dumb dog” the band warns of dangers of idle speech, stressing the importance of practising what one preaches through thundering to-the-point hardcore. These messages are deeply ingrained in Speed’s pursuit of progress and rejection of complacency. Vocalist Jem Siow says: “This song was born in reaction to the failed leadership of our government during the 2019-2020 Australian bushfires. Empathy and compassion should always be the premise for meaningful action.”

14 | Marin Patenaude | The Build

THE PRESS RELEASE:Marin Patenaude’s confessional folk is deeply honest, inspired by the wildness of nature, the messiness of human connection, and the overwhelming desire to run away from it all. Emotional lyrics paired with softly powerful instrumentals craft stories that explore loving and losing, the fragility of the human condition, and stories of a rural upbringing. Her sophomore album, Sight Unseen, is officially out today on Dallas Green’s label. For Patenaude, her songs are an extension of self – an opportunity to be as honest and real as she feels, something she has difficulty doing in the so-called real world.”

15 | Re.decay | Ghost

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising production duo Re.decay have announced the release of their single, Ghost (feat. Brian Ennals). Re.decay combine multiple genres and influences into a coherent and bold new production style. As producers, they have a deep respect for those who have come before them and note the direct influence of J Dilla, Apollo Brown, Prefuse 73, Madlib, DJ Premier and Pete Rock. Their musical vocabulary, however, traverses far and wide and they also consider Jimi Hendrix, A-Wa, The Staples Singers, Nina Simone and Oneohtrix Point Never as vital influences. Re.decay tell us, “This track is a sonic crossover between the golden age of hip hop and the lyrical and production aesthetic of 2020. Working with Brian Ennals has been a creative joy for us. His wordplay and delivery are truly unique and we’re confident the world will see a lot more from him in the near future.”