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Andy Eichhorn | Better Days: Exclusive Premiere

The Zuckerbaby frontman returns with a long-awaited solo release.

Andy Eichhorn raises a glass to Better Days in his new single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The latest single from the Zukerbaby frontman’s long-awaited new solo EP Satellites and Secrets, the bittersweet ode soundtracks a romantic breakup with gently jangling guitar-pop reminiscent of vintage Alex Chilton and Big Star.

It’s a sign of better days to come for fans of elusive singer-songwriter and guitarist Eichhorn, who has been out of the public eye for several years. But even though he didn’t set foot in a studio or on a stage — save for a few Zuckerbaby gigs — Eichhorn was not idle. He was writing his own music and stockpiling songs, albeit with no real plan to do anything with them. Thankfully, that changed when he reconnected with friend and producer Lorrie Matheson, who invited Eichhorn to his Arch Audio Studio to hang out and record. The result: Satellites and Secrets, which arrives today.

The five-track disc is the latest milestone in Eichhorn’s life-long love affair with music, which began when he was growing up in a small town on the prairies. Eichhorn stood out as unique at a young age with his passion for British and American pop music, hunting down albums and magazines to feed this passion for music beyond the radio dial. Ironically, he would eventually realize that the diverse pop and rock hits of the ’80s formed his greatest influences.

His keen desire to sing, play guitar and write songs were honed during years of lessons, affording Andy considerable musical success throughout his life, most notably fronting the acclaimed Calgary outfit Zuckerbaby. Eichhorn and his bandmates travelled Canada coast to coast while recording and releasing two major-label albums that spawned five singles. Andromeda, Heavy and Shampoo emerged from their self-titled 1997 debut album, while Overexposure and Holiday highlighted their 2000 sophomore release Platinum Again. The band filmed four music videos, with Andromeda reaching #13 on the MuchMusic Video Countdown. Zuckerbaby were — and still are — a great live band and shared the stage with artists Andy admires to this day.

Check out Better Days above, listen to Satellites and Secrets below, and follow Andy Eichhorn on Facebook and Instagram.