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Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers | Vodou Ale

Haitian percussionists and Belgian producers make beautiful music together.

It’s a small world after all. And a hypnotically groovy one, thanks to the mesmerizing polyrhythms and trippy sonics generated by the mind-melding interface between Haitian voodoo-precussion sextet Chouk Bwa and Belgian dub-electro production duo The Ångstromers. Strange bedfellows? For sure. But like many mixed marriages between opposites, they end up making some beautiful music together. Fall under their spell.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Afro-Caribbean voodoo polyrhythms meet bass-weight dub electronics on Vodou Alé, the debut full-length collaboration between Haitian six-piece Chouk Bwa and Belgian production duo The Ångströmers. The traditional and contemporary collide on this nine-track merger of distinct Haitian mizik rasin (roots music) and rumbling electronic production, forging a thrilling and hypnotic dialogue between minimalist sound design and Afro-Haitian drum talk.”