Sonic Reducers | Back & White

Jack White just dropped a new single — and we have something to say about that.

What’s better than a new single from Jack White? Well, how about two versions of a new single from Jack White?

That’s what you get with Taking Me Back, the singer-guitarist, vinyl entrepreneur and all-around hippest guy in the room’s first new song in three years. For the tune — which is apparently featured in the trailer for the new Call Of Duty game — White serves up both a blistering, futuristic electro-rock version, and a mellow, nostalgic viper-jazz rendition. They both sound pretty good to me — and to my fellow Sonic Reducer and White enthusiast Eric Alper. Listen in as we discuss both versions of Taking Me Back, express our love and admiration for pretty much anything and everything Jack White does, and admit we have no idea what the hell Call Of Duty is all about. Sonic Reducers. One topic. Two music nerds. Five minutes. Everything you need to know.