Ayumi Anime | It Ain’t Easy: Video Premiere

The singer-songwriter comes out swinging in her aggressive new track.


Ayumi Anime calls out the haters and traitors in her badass new video and single It Ain’t Easy — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

“This song is a true story about loss,” explains the singer-songwriter, Penthouse cover model and former U.S. erotic model. “Once, my best friend was about to steal my business, my bf, my life, my everything … I got fooled and was pissed off, but it inspired me for my It Ain’t Easy song. Every sh*t that happens to me makes me even stronger and I learn from my fails. It’ll definitely motivate everyone and make them feel encouraged and valued no matter what’s happening in their life.”

Speaking of motivation: Despite the difficulties of shooting a video during the COVID-19 crisis, Ayumi found a creative DIY way to illustrate It Ain’t Easy’s swaggering vibe and emotional honesty.

“This video was shot out of town by me and my bf. We found a ruined building out there and thought it’d look nice. It was cold and windy outside, although the day seemed so sunny. I hope people could feel the vibe and sing with me,” she says. “I actually still don’t believe that I’m releasing my music during this pandemic time, but I’ve noticed how people are thankful, and they do like it a lot … Of course, it makes me super happy and encouraged for more songs. I’m super passionate about the music I create. And now, when I’ve started to write, I think, I can’t stop.”

Although a relative newcomer in pop, Ayumi continues to blur the line between the mainstream and adult industry with her singles and videos. Watch It Ain’t Easy above, listen to it via your preferred DSP and keep up with Ayumi Anime via her Instagram, YouTube, website and Twitter.