Indie Roundup | 19 New Numbers To Top Off Your Thursday

Coast into Friday with the help of Avatar, Demons, Liza Anne, Crown Lands & more.

Avatar give you the silent treatment, Demons do a slow burn, Liza Anne has a bad trip, Gorgatron yuck it up, Entry have your best interest at heart, Crown Lands howl and more in today’s Roundup. There’s a slew of decent metal, punk and hard rock today. Gird your loins.


1 | Avatar | Silence in the Age of Apes

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Sweden’s most creative and exciting export, Avatar, debuted the official music video for their new track Silence in the Age of Apes, which serves as the lead single from their highly anticipated eighth full-length, Hunter Gatherer, due out Aug. 7. Continuing to smash the boundaries between band, theater troupe, and cinematic masterminds, the band also has revealed their new wardrobes alongside the stunning visuals for Silence in the Age of Apes, a ready-made anthem for the modern age searching for a collective meaning amidst the savagery of technology. From the very first riff of the explosive lead single, listeners will find a darker, futuristic, and entirely new version of Avatar. Their bold manifesto, Hunter Gatherer, is an unflinchingly ruthless study of a clueless humankind’s ever-increasing velocity into an uncertain future, furthering the reach of the band’s always expanding dark roots. The forthcoming album is the darkest, most sinister version of the band yet, with deep studies of cruelty, technology, disdain, and deprivation.”


2 | Demons | Slow Burn

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Virginia’s Demons, which started as an outlet for the heavier musical experimentations of longtime Mae guitarist Zach Gehring, share a music video for the new track Slow Burn. Zach says: “We were derailed last year when our drummer almost died in a bike accident, and now the world is on hold dealing with the Coronavirus. We’ve had this song and video done for a while now. No one really knows what’s going on or how long we’ll have to stay inside, so we decided to let this one loose. We’re stir crazy and frustrated, just like everyone else.”

3 | Liza Anne | Bad Vacation

THE PRESS RELEASE:Liza Anne released an electric official video for critically acclaimed single Bad Vacation. The song marked a new sonic direction for Nashville based indie rock artist, a full-throttle art rock power pop earworm, showcasing Liza’s ability to craft self-aware wry lyrics. Lyrically, Liza celebrates freeing yourself from an unhealthy situation, stating “Writing this song was a mental playground for me — turning pain into satire and imaging a hope-filled world with no ceilings — I wanted to bottle up that electricity that happens when you’re free of something taxing.”

4 | Gorgatron | Imposter Syndrome

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Fargo, North Dakota-based death/grind practitioners Gorgatron will unleash their pulverizing Pathogenic Automation full-length this August. In advance of the release, Gorgatron is pleased to unveil a video for first single Imposter Syndrome. Comments bassist Cameron Dewald, “Imposter Syndrome is a sonic assault, from start to finish; just a punishing collection of riffs and blastbeats. It’s even more punishing to play some nights! We have tested this tune out at a handful of metal fests in the last year or so and the crowd response at some points is louder than us playing! Which is one of the main reasons we chose to lead with this song. All in all, Impostor Syndrome, in my opinion, both sonically and visually captures Gorgatron perfectly: serious brutal songwriting while toeing the lines of morbid humor.”

5 | Milo Gore | Green Eyes

THE PRESS RELEASE: “U.K.-based Indie-alternative band Milo Gore have shared the music video for their latest single Green Eyes. With an amalgamation of genres, including an intriguing mix of Pop, Punk and Alternative Rock, Milo Gore draw influence from a variety of innovative artists such as Girl in Red, Penelope Isles, The 1975, Bears Den and Idles. In turn, their own sound sits closer to the likes of Sam Fender, The Strokes, The Hunna and Blossoms. The music video for Green Eyes takes the viewer on a journey of two lovers, predominately depicted via dance. Speaking of the music video, Milo Gore tells us, “The Green Eyes music video is about the rise and fall of Milo’s past relationship. The video depicts the story of how he and his girlfriend first met, and consequently, how they drifted apart. The two should have never ended up together — they both had issues with their mental health, issues that were clearly going unchecked. Perhaps that’s what initially brought them together? However, it was sadly the thing that also tore them apart. A video about self-discovery, that eventually ends with a smile, as Robi, the actor who plays Milo, ends up in the same place he had initially met his ex-girlfriend. The song, and the video, are both about learning to be content on your own again. Hindsight is a beautiful thing.”

6 | Naeem | Woo Woo Woo (Feat. Amanda Blank, Micah James)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Baltimore-born/Los Angeles-based artist Naeem releases a new single/video, Woo Woo Woo (Feat. Amanda Blank, Micah James) from his upcoming album, Startisha, out June 12. Woo Woo Woo highlights the album’s organic collaborations as regular collaborators Amanda Blank and Micah James throw down over its fast-paced and clubby instrumentation. “I wrote the first verse of this song in a weed coma in a warehouse in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, with producers Sam Green and Grave Goods,” says Naeem. “Amanda and Micah heard the demo and demanded to be on it, the bars they added made it better than I could’ve ever imagined, and Amanda, once again, shows up everyone on the track.” Vernon agrees, “Blank’s verse on Woo Woo Woo is pure rap fire.”

7 | Feini-X Crew | Never Change

THE PRESS RELEASE: “We become what we’re meant to be…WE DON’T CHANGE!” Never Change is the third video extracted from #LREF, the brand new EP of Feini-X Crew.”

8 | War Cloud | Striker

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Oakland shredders War Cloud unveil a thrash-laden second single taken from their thunderous new album Earhammer Sessions, coming out this May 22. Says frontman Alex Wein: “We wanted to capture the live energy of our set and it was a no-brainer to record with Oakland’s Earhammer Studios. The recordings capture the evolution of the band and how we have progressed as a group. What you hear is the setlist we performed every night of our most recent European tour. It’s a raw, honest, take no prisoners vibe that the band exudes. We chose Earhammer Studios because it has recorded bands that we are fans of (Saviours, Lecherous Gaze, Necrot) and it’s the epitome of the Oakland metal sound. Greg Wilkinson (engineer/mixer) understood our vision and helped recreate the live set.”

9 | Entry | Your Best Interest

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles, California-based hardcore punk band Entry will release their debut full-length Detriment on July 17. The lead single Your Best Interest is now playing. As a collective, the members of Entry passionately believe in the power of punk and the uniting nature of music, and with Detriment, they reflect themselves and their community with integrity and authenticity. Entry’s vocalist Sara Gregory writes of Your Best Interest, Detriment’s lead single, “This is the first song on the record. It’s about how people are treated unfairly by the legal system and are unable to receive effective assistance because they lack resources.”

10 | Crown Lands | Howlin’ Back

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian powerhouse rock duo Crown Lands were hand-picked as an opening act by Jack White, as well as Primus, Rival Sons, Coheed and Cambria, etc… Influenced by Rush/Led Zeppelin/Queen, lead singer & drummer Cody (them/they) and guitarist Kevin (him/he) had six-time Grammy winner Dave Cobb (Lady Gaga, Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlile) produce their debut album coming this summer. The group’s name is indicative of their musical ambitions: Crown Lands are territorial areas belonging to the monarch — or, as Cody (who is half Mi’kmaq, an indigenous tribe from Nova Scotia) puts it, “stolen land and we are reclaiming it.” They are on a mission to represent a sense of empowerment for marginalized communities.”

11 | Caribou | Never Come Back (Four Ten Remix)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Following the recently shared Morgan Geist remix of Never Come Back — a highlight from recent album SuddenlyDan Snaith aka Caribou has followed up with a Four Tet remix of the track. Speaking of the track Snaith says: “Kieran (Hebden) is already part of my music before he remixes it. He spent hours listening to drafts of tracks from Suddenly and giving me feedback, as he has done with my previous albums. I love that when people think of us as musical allies that they are seeing something real and genuine, not music industry artifice. We are the closest friends — so much so that I feel like we are family — and I love that people who listen to our music can feel that. So of course I thought of Kieran as the person to take on remixing Never Come Back. Needless to say he has smashed it — creating a warped and beautiful techno banger that, as it’s inclusion in his recent Boiler Room stream showed, will get people dancing whatever the circumstances.”

12 | Noble Oak | Derailed

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Vancouver’s electro dream-pop artist Noble Oak debuts his latest single Derailed, taken from the album Horizon, which is set for release on June 19. Noble Oak’s Patrick Fiore says “Derailed looks at the distractions we have to navigate along our path, and the decisions we face when given the choice between something easy and something real.” Horizon is an enchanting collection of post-chillwave pop, a sumptuous suite of sativa songs for hazy, lazy days — by the ocean or otherwise, prompting comparisons to the likes of The War on Drugs, Bob Moses, and Tame Impala. “My intent from day one was literally to make the most beautiful songs that I possibly can,” says Fiore. “And to hope that the world can understand that and see it.”

13 | Butcher Brown | #KingButch

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The Richmond, VA-based band Butcher Brown is back with another new single called #KingButch. Like the previous single Tidal Wave, their distinctive blend of jazz and hip hop radiates out of the speakers, this time Tennishu’s lyrics putting a focus on the latter. Says Tennishu: “To me, #KingButch describes the feeling when I walk into Jellowstone (Studios). It has an edge but is very warm and loose. The lyrics came after we laid down the track. We were hanging out, sitting down at the instruments. I wrote the lyrics to capture the vibe of the hang.”

14+15 | The Lightheads | Cold Sheets + This Is Fine…

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Lightheads, hailing from the damp streets of Portland, Oregon, are an explosion of brilliant, chaotic anthems. In 2016, Luke Slinkert, Mike Vera, and Sean Carter joined forces and delivered their unique blend of garage-produced punk rock to the public’s ears for the first time. In both their 2016 demo and 2017 split EP, The Lightheads have continued to push that sonic assault forward on all fronts. Carter’s crushing cannonry of drum work cuts through Vera’s screaming guitar, which brings Luke’s crunching bass and heartfelt singing to the forefront. Their new single Cold Sheets is somewhat of a sonic departure from their frenzied past, and the track offers a great first look at their evolving sound: Vera’s shimmering distorted guitar is reminiscent of all of our 90’s alternative favorites as isolation rings from Luke’s crooning yell as he forces us to consider all of the people missing from our lives. This is Fine… kicks us right back to the familiar punk theme The Lightheads do so well, with irresistibly singable choruses and a breakdown that would get the stiffest neck bouncing.”

16 | Paradas | Lost Cause

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Leeds-based indie-rock band Paradas have announced the release of their next single, Lost Cause. With old-school scrappy garage-rock stylings, Paradas use the temptations arising from a night out as inspiration for their latest single. The yearning is felt in the maturely delivered vocals assisted by a rhythmic yet funky bassline, allowing Lost Cause to develop into a modern track. However, the traditional rock aspects of guitar solos and wavering rifts ensure that the band stays true to its influences and delivers the indie rock sound they are known and loved for. Paradas share their thoughts on the single, “This track is an eerie sounding rock song, with a strong vocal line which speaks of the mental battle of temptations on a night out.”

17+18 | Bully | About A Girl + Turn to Hate

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Normally during this time I’d be running around trying to promote the upcoming record and rehearsing to get ready to tour again but given the circumstances I’m trying to work with what I can do at home alone. I picked a couple sub pop songs to cover to release something in the meantime. I played everything on these songs (for better or worse haha) and tracked them in my living room. Gotta do what ya gotta to spice it up sometimes. Anywho more soon!!”

19 | Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena | Dreaming of the Kelly Pool

THE PRESS RELEASE:Mary Lattimore and Paul Sukeena (Angel Olsen’s touring guitarist) share Dreaming of the Kelly Pool. Dreaming of the Kelly Pool is ethereal, gently gliding with flutters of Lattimore’s harp and Sukeena’s guitar. Although the track was recorded in Los Angeles, it pays homage to Philadelphia’s Kelly Pool, where the two spent much time during their time in Philadelphia. The two elaborate on the track: “We both lived in Philadelphia for a long time and would spend summers at the Kelly Pool in Fairmount Park, this beautiful Olympic-sized swimming pool which was open to the public but still never crowded. Now, we are next door neighbors and are in quarantine together, along with Paul’s wonderful wife Nicky. We have been reflecting on our time in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles and have been making music together, so our thoughts have been drifting to the memories of past summers not restricted, riding our bikes across a less-populated Philadelphia and feeling that kind of freedom. This song was made for that kind of summer feeling.”

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