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Hardcore noisepunk punk queer trans experimental rock noise noiserock psych? Yep.

The description at the bottom of their Bandcamp page reads: “Hardcore noisepunk punk queer trans experimental rock noise noiserock psych.” That sums up this Newcastle Upon Tyne trio and their frenzied, cacophonous five-track EP Flower Violence every bit as succinctly as anything I could tell you. Bottom line: They love you not.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The debut album Flower Violence is a succinct introduction to Blóm. Lyrically the album explores themes of queerness, feminism, gender identity, mental health, socio economic challenges, Christianity, Twin Peaks and the Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel Crime and Punishment. The latter theme is covered in Übermensch, listed as two tracks on the album, which for the most part, was structured in the studio. Open to improvisation, with fluidity, is how live performances are approached, often playing a continuous set with pieces merging into each other without any interruption. ‘Songs’ will develop once they have been played live to an audience, and are always open to change. This is how Übermensch in particular was approached during the recording. The improvised nature of the track adds to the feeling of unrest and uncertainty.”