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Abrams | Modern Ways

The Denver rock brigade walk a line between hooky post-grunge & craggy metal.


Modern, yes. But thankfully, also heavy enough to get the job done. That’s the simple secret to the hybrid sound of this Denver rock brigade’s third full-length. On the one hand, their post-grunge power-chord riffs and chest-beating vocals are hooky and commercial enough that you wouldn’t be surprised to hear them on the radio. But their approach is also craggy, dark and bombastically metallic enough that you wouldn’t be surprised to seem them opening up for the likes of Mastodon either. That’s obviously a pretty hard line to walk, so they deserve some credit for having the skills to pull it off surprisingly well. They’ve clearly got the ways and the means.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Abrams have upped the ante with their new album titled Modern Ways. With a focus on songwriting, lyrical narrative, and addictive hooks and refrains, Abrams presents a highly focused, intensely polished sonic narrative. Written over the course of two and a half years, Modern Ways reflects the passions, pains, successes and nightmares of the members of Abrams’ lives.”