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Track 16 | You Know My Name, Look Up The Number.

I have been looking for a copy of Canned Heat’s 1969 album Hallelujah because I love the song Time Was. So I was just looking to see what else is even on that record and lo and behold, there’s a song called Canned Heat.

Bands who have songs with the same name as the band have always been odd to me. The first time I think I noticed this was Black Sabbath. I’ve never looked up the reason, but my educated guess is — seeing as the band used to be called Earth — the song probably pre-dates the naming of the band. It is the title track of their debut, after all.

So why does the song Canned Heat not show up until their fourth album? Did they decide the Monkees Theme was a really cool idea? Doubtful.

I have a pal who makes music under the name Graven. His new album — and he’s put out more than a dozen things — has a song called Graven on it. The story here is it’s related to his Thursday night Graventown IG live shows and the community he’s fostering there.

Just how many other examples are there? Off the top of my head I can think of Motörhead by Motörhead, Meat Puppets by Meat Puppets, They Might Be Giants from 1990’s Flood, and We Are The Clash by The Clash. But that doesn’t really count because of the “we are the” part. They also have Clash City Rockers and This Is Radio Clash.

So I decided to do some research. As soon as I looked, I spotted one I already knew but forgot — Bad Company by Bad Company. Like Sabbath, it’s the title track of their debut album so it maybe makes sense.

Turns out Iron Maiden have one. I don’t think I’ve heard it. I certainly haven’t heard Night Ranger by Night Ranger. In fact, apart from Sister Christian, I don’t know if I can think of any of their songs.

Talk Talk have one. I’ve felt compelled to investigate them more. Not so much Slipknot — who also have one. In fact, there are heaps of self-titled songs: Porno For Pyros, Minor Threat, Belle & Sebastian, Icehouse, Wilco, Damn Yankees, Bad Religion, Train, Body Count, Green Day, Pennywise and — wait, what? — Kool And The Gang?! Gotta hear that.

Gotta hear them all … here’s a playlist for you!

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