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Endless Boogie | Basement Jam Ritual / Live at Nublu, NYC, Feb 17, 2019

The world's greatest basement band unearth two-plus hours of epic guitar workouts.


THE PRESS RELEASE: “This CDR (Basement Jam Ritual) was made in 98 copies in spring of 2019 for our European tour. 5 VERY crude rehearsal jams recorded straight into a tape deck. These were recorded between 2009 and 2013 or so.”

THE OTHER PRESS RELEASE: “(Live at Nublu) was the very first show with Mike Bones on bass, and the only time we ever rehearsed with him was at soundcheck two hours earlier, so our apologies if it gets a little foggy here and there. This was the second of two sets and it runs a little over an hour. I think we mustered three songs: Empty Eye, Vibe Killer, Smokin’ Figs in the Yard. There are some things in there on occasion.”

MY TWO CENTS: Attention stoners, guitar freaks and music fans with long attention spans: Today is your lucky day. These simultaneously released discs offer more than two hours of epic, hypnotic guitar jams from the no-frills Brooklyn vets who handily live up to their name (which they borrowed from a John Lee Hooker album). Like all their albums, these lo-fi offerings sound like the work of the world’s best basement band — if they existed on the edge of infinity. Crack open the cheap beer, light up the bong, settle in for a journey to the center of your mind.