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These Scottish heartland punks deliver another Boss batch of everyman anthems.


“Working Class Rock n’ Roll hailing from South West Scotland. Angry, Heartfelt, No frills straight up Rock n Roll complete with subtle digs to the system, somewhere not every artist dares to go these days. 13 Crowes sing for the 9 to 5ers that have been left behind. Although influences such as Bruce Springsteen and The Gaslight Anthem are there in plain sight it is clear that 13 Crowes’ biggest influences are who they are, the generations of factory workers they come from and the places and people around them.”


We all have heroes. There’s no use in denyin’ it. No point in tryin’ to hide it. So give these Scottish heartland punks their well-deserved due for fessin’ up to their obvious Bruce Springsteen / Gaslight Anthem jones right there in their official bio. But while yer handing out the backslaps, don’t forget to give them a gold star for their apparently innate ability to crank out the sort of surgingly passionate blue-collar tales and reverb-wrung everyman anthems that would make said influences puff up their plaid flannel lumberjack work shirts with surrogate parental pride. And let’s not overlook the fine fact that their formidable frontman might have the gristliest, grittiest, greasiest, growliest set of pipes this side of Lucero’s Ben Nichols and old Frank Carter. There’s only one thing for it: Get thee to a used car lot, sign on the line for the biggest old Chevy you can find, slap their boss sophomore album Solway Star in the cassette deck, roll down the windows, jam the volume, push play and head for the horizon while the wind blows back your hair and your new heroes serenade you all the way to the promised land. Alternatively, playing it loud enough in the minivan for the other parents to take notice at your next schoolyard pickup or dropoff can suffice in a pinch, I guess.

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