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Albums Of The Week: A Family Curse | A Family Curse

54•40's Neil Osbourne & daughter Kandle: The family that plays (& slays) together.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Like their name suggests, A Family Curse is a family affair — the collaboration between daughter and father Kandle and Neil Osborne (54•40).

A Family Curse began a few years ago when Neil and fellow singer-songwriter Danny Michel recorded some instrumental jams together. But due to their busy schedules, the songs were left to collect dust until one lonely Christmas, when Neil sent them to Kandle — who brought newfound inspiration with fresh new melody and lyrics. From there, Kandle and Neil decided to complete a whole DIY album where the two played and recorded everything at home.

What does it sound like? Kandle says it’s like “diving into a fantasy world of Americana and fuzz-driven blues-rock.” Indeed — this father-daughter duo take you on a journey from robbing banks to getting stranded in the desert and catching fire!

Adds Neil: “Take some Staple Singers, add a little Carpenters or Partridge Family. Sprinkle in a dash of Smothers Brothers or Sonny & Cher. Throw in some desert sand, blessings and curses and some slide guitar. Ready to serve.”

Their live show dialogue and antics play out the millennial version of A Father Knows Best story that reveals their creative infection and family affection. A Family Curse are often joined on stage by a support cast of various cousins, uncles and aunts of the Osborne clan, which creates the unique recipe behind A Family Curse.”


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