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Siggi Puts Best Foot Forward In Better Man Single & Video

The Toronto singer-songwriter presents a preview of his Human Touch release.

Siggi wants to be a Better Man in his latest single and futuristic video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A plea of romantic redemption and emotional healing set to a gently percolating, infectiously funky groove, the layered Better Man showcases the Toronto singer-songwriter’s quest for true and honest connection, which also happens to be the driving force behind his upcoming full-length Human Touch. Click on the screenshot below to watch Better Man on YouTube.

Human Touch is my first concept album centred on social aspects and individual strength,” Siggi says. “A roller coaster of emotions based on human interaction and behaviour.The concept was inspired by living five years in a city like Toronto; multi-cultured, exhilarating and challenging. It’s not about race, gender or political ideologies, it’s about humanity. The sound and mood change in each track but still blend together, while tapping into the one relating message: Something is missing between one another and I try to define what it is.”

It’s been part of Daniel Sigismondi’s quest since the Italian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist made the journey from San Benedetto to Toronto in 2014 to find his place in the music scene. His story began long before that, however. At age 12 he co-wrote his first song and picked the drums as a way to express his rage and rebellion. Playing and touring with punk bands game him his first taste of live performance and studio recording. At 18 he moved to Milan, stepped away from the punk scene, picked up the guitar and started developing a more mature and original sound influenced by the hip-hop, R&B and funk of artists like Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Sly and the Family Stone, James Brown and Prince. His 2017 debut EP My Way Around chronicled his transition into a new culture and the struggles with personal independence. As he readies Human Touch, Siggi is constantly collaborating with experienced musicians to deliver a live experience you’ll remember.

Check out Better Man above and connect with Siggi via his website, Facebook and Instagram.