Late-Night TV Music (Old & New Edition) | Jan. 20, 2020

Singer-songwriter Meg Myers will win you over with her Kate Bush cover.


It never fails. And it never fails to delight and amuse me. As you can probably imagine, I spend absurd amounts of time listening to new songs, new albums, new artists. Despite my valiant efforts and eternal vigilance, however, at least once ever week or two, the late-night TV gods introduce me to an act I don’t know. This week that act is Tennessee art-pop singer-songwriter Meg Myers, who instantly won me over with her gorgeous cover of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill — not to mention her own likeminded number The Death of Me — on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Coincidentally, she was not the only Nashville artist on the air Monday: Country-pop gents Old Dominion also crooned their number One Man Band on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. I’ve already heard them, but hey, maybe they’re new to you. Either way, there are worse ways to start the week.