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Indie Roundup | Four New Tracks For Your Holiday Monday

Wolf Parade, Casualties, Blood Eagle & more make the most of a quiet afternoon.

Wolf Parade go green, The Casualties hate you, Blood Eagle shut your eyes and more in today’s Roundup. A quiet Monday is nice every now and then, wouldn’t you agree?

1 | Wolf Parade | Forest Green

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Every moment spent gazing at our screens is oversaturated with content, an ever-accelerated news cycle conditioning our ever-decreasing attention spans. The struggle to stay present, and to foresee a clear, sustainable future, feels very real. Wolf Parade address this phenomenon head-on with Jan. 24’s Thin Mind, the band’s 5th full-length and second to be produced by John Goodmanson. First single Forest Green gallops along to a synthetic clip of Arlen Thompson’s electronic drum kit while Dan Boeckner’s lyrics encapsulate the profound beauty, and ugliness, of Vancouver Island — not only where Thin Mind was recorded, but where Arlen and Spencer Krug now live, and Dan grew up. “The island has a really weird, pervasive darkness to it,” explains Arlen. “It’s got amazing nature, and there’s an inescapable spiritual vibe to the place. But it’s held with this tension between real estate money and nature now constantly being logged and developed. It’s a process that’s been happening for maybe 150 years — you’re watching this beautiful place just kind of melt.”

2 | The Casualties | Fucking Hate You

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In support of their most recent politically charged studio album Written in Blood, American street punk band The Casualties unveil their new music video Fucking Hate You, which showcases their passion and intensity on stage. “I did not write this song about mindless violence,” explains bassist Rick Lopez. “It’s a song about frustration. An emotional explosion caused by constantly being misunderstood. I hate being judged for being different.”

3 | Blood Eagle | Eyes Sewn Shut

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Denmark-based death metal band Blood Eagle will release their final To Ride In Blood & Bathe in Greed EP on Nov. 22. Today, the band offer fans a lyric video for their song Eyes Sewn Shut off the EP. The band comments, “The new album offers a vast array of influences, from punk, grind to death metal. One of the last songs we did for the album is Eyes Sewn Shut. This song came out more experimental, even with some influences from Slayer (as you can hear in the intro). The lyrics deal with corruption and touch upon the dark facets of capitalism. Nonetheless definitely a song that can best be described as commanding skull crushing death metal energy!”

4 | Kill Chicago | Two Drinks Behind

THE PRESS RELEASE:Kill Chicago have a careful knack for weaving heartfelt messages through boisterous rock ’n’ roll. Natural storytellers with a political core, this New Brunswick quartet has made a name for itself through electrifying live shows and an honesty that reflects their blue collar history. Their new album, The Fix amplifies their dissent with relatable working class anthems, breaking the fever dream of societal expectations. The band has also just released the single Two Drinks Behind — an emotionally driven rock track.”