Canadian Beacon | Boy Golden, Ark Identity & More Fresh Homemade Specials

I went out for breakfast today. The food was fine — nothing to write home about, but it got the job done. The service, on the other hand, was absolute crap. Nothing ruins my eggs like hving a server grudgingly doing the bare minimum while acting like they resent you for being there (even though you’re forking over a mandatory 18% tip on their overpriced grub). Well, you’ll get none of that attitude here. I’m happy to serve you. Get settled in and peruse today’s tasty specials, lovingly sourced from a wide variety of outlets from coast to coast and prepared just for you:


Boy Golden | Your Love (Where It’s At)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “In Your Love (Where It’s At), Boy Golden expresses his strongest emotions with his gentlest acoustics. The song puts words to the feelings of being grateful for, fulfilled with, and even made courageous by someone’s love. From forthcoming album For Eden, the strums are soft like the glow of last light, as day shifts to night in a swirl of pinks and purples. Recorded to cassette as was the album as a whole, Your Love (Where It’s At) is about what’s essential, told with the barest necessities. Accompanying the release is a tender acoustic video that honors the intimacy of the song. Boy Golden muses, “I write songs to help me understand and articulate concepts and feelings that I cannot unearth through any other means. This is a simple song that helped me explore my relationship with my version of God; a notion that I have a hard time expressing in any other way, except very simply: love keeps me warm, keeps me safe, is all I need. Love is always there for you. Love has got your back. There is nothing to know, no one to ask. You can trust that love will show you the way.”

A Short Walk To Pluto | Little Choice

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:A Short Walk To Pluto has developed a tremendous social media presence through TikTok and Instagram, where they regularly debut original music and covers of well-known classics. It was through that online presence that the quartet was discovered and endorsed by Howard Stern. Their enthusiastic new single Little Choice, captures the struggles of ADHD by portraying a conversation between the id and the ego. “Think Alanis Morrissette singing in Led Zeppelin but about the struggles of ADHD. The verse lyrics personify the constant struggle to stay focused, while the chorus is your internal voice standing up for yourself. The answering machine recording in the bridge is your internal voice politely telling your ADHD to fuck off. We hope Little Choice shakes you with a new batch of confidence that’ll help you get a grip with your own internal distractions.”

Ark Identity | Atmosphere

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Ark Identity entered the scene with the psychedelic dream pop debut single Eyes. Now, Noah Mroueh is returning with a second taste of the project via the nostalgic and wistful new indie pop song, Atmosphere. The laidback and melancholic track fuses psychedelic flourishes with articulate bass and melodic guitar, providing a meditative backdrop for Mroueh’s vocals. Atmosphere symbolizes a wish to escape from the constant changes and pressures of life. The atmosphere serves as a metaphor for a place of freedom and detachment from society.”

Ways In Waves | Gilese

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Ways In Waves is the brainchild of Brian Raine, a multi-instrumentalist and producer in Edmonton. With malleable form and the spirit of experimentation at its core, the group began as a duo, and eventually expanded to a quintet combining rock, art-pop, and electronic music into a mixture that propels the listener through controlled chaos. They are now sharing Gliese, from their upcoming LP. Raine took a lot of influence from hyper-pop from IDM artists like Iglooghost and Sophie — not necessarily in terms of sound but in bravery. “Gliese is supposed to feel a bit overwhelming, a bit alien,” he says. “It embodies the coldness and the unfamiliarity of a future without our home planet. Several years ago, I was doing a lot of reading about different kinds of planets that exist within the habitable zones of stars. I came across Gliese 581, a star with several potentially habitable planets surrounding it, which are all very likely tidally locked (meaning one side always faces the sun, like the Moon is to Earth). I started imagining how life would evolve in eternal sunshine, eternal darkness, along the paradise line in the center… It was a wonderful fantasy that I could imagine and return to for many years.”

John Gogo | Cougar Annie

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Balladeer and actor John Gogo hails from a musical family in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Best known for writing and performing folk songs about the people and places, the true and tall tales of the West Coast, John produced his sixth album Western Balladeer. The wistful Cougar Annie was inspired by Western Canadian pioneer Ada Annie Rae-Arthur. The homesteader carved out a five-acre garden in the wilderness, ran a successful nursery, post office and general store while raising 11 children. She became known as Cougar Annie after word got around about her shooting around 70 cougars and countless bears that had threatened her kids and garden. “One of the aspects of Ada Annie’s life that intrigues me was that she outlived four husbands,” says Gogo. “My story of her is sung in the form of a letter written from the perspective of a potential suitor.”

Church of Trees | It’s Over (Rob Preuss Midnight Mix)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Former Spoons and Honeymoon Suite keyboardist Rob Preuss has whipped up a sizzling summer banger for Ottawa synth band Church of TreesIt’s Over (ft. Heather Brazeau) mixes a touch of British New Romantic with a hint of ’80s Spoons, all deftly wrapped in ABC-style production. Off their latest album release Transience, It’s Over may have listeners thinking it’s another soured relationship’ song but, in fact, it’s a comment on the state of the world. “I was interested in penning something that sounded like one thing but is, in fact, about something completely different” says CoT songwriter Bernard Frazer. Beautifully sung by powerhouse vocalist Brazeau, It’s Over pulsates with a high-powered beat as Rob Preuss’ patented pianos and synths cut through like diamonds.”

Child Actress | Fruit Flies

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “For Montreal’s Rena Kozak, writing music is a compulsion which is brought to life through Child Actress. It offers a sanctuary to the overbearing nature of our emotions, crafting a liminal space where feelings we can’t explain are expressed with limitless reverie. Fruit Flies is the first single from her EP Just Fine Never Better, due Sept. 27. The song came to her three years after her partner died in his sleep next to her. She felt like a widow but was beginning to experience an evolution in her philosophies around life and death — reconciling what it could mean to be dead but to still be able to have power, energy, maybe even awareness — considering the ways that her partner still seemed to have so much power, energy, and interaction with her. Kozak’s mind was also toying with the concept of reincarnation – she had trapped some fruit flies on some sticky tape in her kitchen and as she watched them wiggle and become more entrapped, she found herself wondering who they might have been in their lives before this and who they would be next, and did they know what they were now?”

Kodae & Taylr | Daydreamer

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Kodae’s blend of alternative R&B is both Bow Valley and Modern Metropolis. Combining their mutual love for modern groove with their connection to nature and mysticism, these intergenerational musicians weave songs that strut like breakbeats but flow and warm the heart like a valley stream at sunset. Each member brings a unique flavour to the table: Annie da Silva’s velvety voice and cutting lyrics, Owen Mcpherson’s gospel roots, Seyoung Lee’s lush jazz textures, Curtis Sauer’s ambitious grooves and Eric Osborne’s fluid fretwork. Daydreamer is a joint release with Calgary’s Taylr, a self-taught musician and singer-songwriter who is no stranger to self-reflection. The hopeful song offers permission to re-invest in your inner artist and child while nurturing an imagination without limits. “A lot of our songs come from a place of wanting to understand our world and ourselves a little bit deeper,” Osborne says. “We feel connected to nature and the cycles that dance within it and you can find a lot of themes about growth, embracing simplicity, accepting change and settling into our roles in this big vast, magical world!”