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Daddy Long Legs | Lowdown Ways

The Brooklyn blooz-punk throwbacks pour it on — straight from the gutbucket.


How do you like your blues? Gritty and greasy? Dirty and nasty? Ragged and rambunctious? You’ve come to the right place, daddy-o. Gonzo Brooklyn blues-punk throwback trio Daddy Long Legs — a yowling, howling frontman who also honks a mean harmonica, a hard-twangin’ guitarist and a crash-bash drummer — serve up their southern-friend boogie, raw-boned rockabilly and fuzzed-out blooz straight from the gutbucket. And on their latest unhinged full-length Lowdown Ways, they dish it up fast, fierce and frenzied, like the mutant love children spawned by the unholy union of Howlin’ Wolf, Hasil Adkins, The Cramps, Gun Club, Jim Jones, Jon Spencer and J.D. McPherson (the latter co-wrote one tune, and his producer Jimmy Sutton also recorded this disc). Break out the ’shine, bail your woman out of jail and step right up.

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