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Charly Bliss | Young Enough

The Brooklyn foursome dish out another serving of their high-energy power-pop.

Second blast, just like the last. Except better. Brooklyn foursome Charly Bliss’s 2017 debut disc Guppy garnered near-universal praise and landed on plenty of year-end lists thanks to its fizzy, high-energy brand of ’90s-inspired power-pop and alt-rock. Expect the much-anticipated followup Young Enough to repeat that feat, if not surpass it by launching them into full-blown rock stardom. Two years down the road, singer-guitarist Eva Hendricks and her bandmates (including former child actor Spencer Fox) have levelled up with sharper hooks, tighter songs, stronger melodies and the self-assuredness that comes from being able to temper their exuberance with experience. Which is to say: They’re old enough to know better, but still young enough to care.