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Indie Roundup | Four Songs To Ease Into Monday

Charlotte Cornfield, JoJo Worthington and others offer new sound for the new week.

Charlotte Cornfield’s disappearing act, JoJo Worthington’s close encounter, Mountain Head’s mind games and Fat Wang’s lies co-star in today’s short and sweet Roundup. After all, how much new music do you really need on a Monday?

1 Now you see them, now you don’t. As if Charlotte Cornfield’s piano ballad June — the latest single from the Toronto singer-songwriter’s recent album The Shape Of Your Name — weren’t already compelling enough, the video ups the ante with stylish cinematography and a subtle yet striking visual twist. Don’t want to know? Skip the spoiler ahead and just click the link. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Directed by Kevin Drew and filmed by Joe Cornfield, the video was shot in the warehouse at Toronto’s Burdock where a piano had to be forklifted into the space. Charlotte says the video, though filmed in one shot, needed several takes to work. “As soon as the camera went around the piano, Kevin would yell ‘alright everyone, disappear’ and then they’d have to hurry up the stairs to the mezzanine…And two people had to stay down to throw the books on the floor.” Join the crowd:

2 Big thoughts, tiny package. That’s what you get with the cinematic wide-screen video for the lushly haunting Small Encounters — the latest single from Ontario singer-songwriter JoJo Worthington, and a preview of her June 7 album TCYK (The Company You Keep). SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Small Encounters is a hazy recollection of navigating tumultuous relationships. It is a memory of fleeting, momentary encounters. The loneliness of empty beds nights after. A spectre of drunken nights and small encounters. It’s also a song about how frequently sexual assault occurs in clubs – public spaces where people should be safe to dance with their friends – and how easily this can be brushed off as being the ‘norm’ in these types of environments.” Enjoy her company:

3 When you see a picture of two bearded longhairs wearing stovepipe hats, you expect to hear music from the last century. Not the cutting-edge, vaguely psychedelic electro pop-rock delivered by We Stole Your Head, the debut single from the enigmatic Hannah brothers who form the duo Mountain Head. Guess two heads really are better. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “The current influx and acceleration of information has brought on an immense amount of distraction and anxiety that separates us from feeling the presence of the current moment. We Stole Your Head is a reminder to be here now, to connect with life. There are a lot of things out there looking to take your head and lead it down an endless labyrinth. But us? We’ll give it back to you.” Fill it to the brim:

4 Bands and names can be like books and covers. Case in point: Fat Wang. The Swiss rock duo definitely could use a better handle. But their tense, wiry brand of stoner-noise-grunge power — as displayed on the two-stage single Liars from their upcoming debut album Guru — is just fine as is. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Loud Heavy Rock duo from Switzerland, mixing loud distorred guitar & hard hitting drum riffs, FAT WANG is great in the art of making you wake up with a big buzzing in your ears that will last 2 weeks. A shitload of amps for a fuckton of noise.” True dat:

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