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Indie Roundup | A Six-Pack of Tracks For Your Friday

Swing into the weekend with Exodus, Lucy Spraggan, Field Guide and more.

Lucy Spraggan ends it, Exodus share the love, Auras garden, Rob Hicks gives it away and more in today’s Roundup. Hear that sound? It’s a beer calling my name. Gotta run!

1 British folk-pop signer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan’s upcoming album is titled Today Was a Good Day. Which seems like a good album to song to share from on Good Friday. Thing is, her strummy, surprisingly upbeat new single — colourfully illustrated here with a lyric video — is called End of the World. And quite rightly, based on its content. Make up your mind, lady! SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Today Was A Good Day marks a new chapter for Lucy musically and personally; her fifth studio album has been produced by Jon Maguire (Callum Scott, Kodaline) and Lucy sounds at her most confident and accomplished.” Enjoy the beginning. Or the end. Or whatever it’s supposed to be:

2 Bay Area metal legends Exodus are celebrating four decades of headbangery and thrashmastery this year. But you don’t have to get them a present; they’re more than happy to turn the tables and give you a gift — in the form of this vintage version of No Love taped at the fabled Day In The Dirt festival in 1984. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Gary Holt comments, “Day In The Dirt was almost like the Bay Area thrash metal Woodstock, our own underground version on the legendary Day On The Green shows we all attended so many times. What happened that day at Aquatic Park in Berkeley has gone down in Bay Area lore as an epic day for the underground thrash scene. The brainchild of the late great Wes Robinson, we were fortunate to have been a key part of such a great show. It was Rick Hunolt’s second Exodus show as well I believe!” Show some love:

3 What colour is your aura? Based on the sonic variety and intensity of their double-jointed new track Momenta — a preview of their July 22 album Binary Garden — Waterloo prog-metal foursome Auras’ aura is a combination of shimmering space-age metal, blackened ash and craggy obsidian. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Momenta is a song about showing appreciation to our parents and how we may not always share our appreciation directly to them,” says guitarist Josh Ligaya. “People can become so driven into their careers, passions, or life paths that we tend to forget how much they have done for us. I can personally say that I’m so happy to have such supportive and loving parents that have made me into the compassionate person I am today.” Colour your world:

4 Rob Hicks is showing his work. The Wisconsin rapper and frequent contributor to these pages has just dropped a new EP titled Demorips. — a cool and compelling compilation of nine raw recordings featuring a variety of sounds, styles and guest stars. Dip your toe in the water with the laid-back groove rider Vogue. Best of all: The whole shebang free for the taking. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Vogue pairs Rob’s serpentine flow with a flatteringly slinky electronic beat and an audacious flip of Sisqo’s Thong Song. Not a lot of rappers could pull that off, but as we know Rob is as creative and fearless as they come. Vogue was produced by Milwaukee producer and engineer Charley Cooks!” Strike a pose:

5 L.A. DJ and remix duo Two Friends — the combo platter of Matt Halper and Eli Sones — fold vocalist Dani Poppitt into the mix for their new single Dollar Menu. But spoiler alert: It’s not an ode to saving a few bucks at your fave fast-food joint. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Dollar Menu is about feeling pressured in new relationships to change parts of who you are. Obviously, none of us are perfect, so anyone you’re with is gonna bring certain things you like and certain things you don’t like,” says Two Friends. “This song is a kind of ‘take me as I am’ anthem- we’re so stoked it’s finally out! It was awesome writing it with Dani Poppitt and we’re excited to share it with everyone.” Bon appetit:

6 Singer-songwriter Field Guide knows his way around. The artist also known as Dylan MacDonald has spent years on the road with beloved trio The Middle Coast. For his upcoming solo EP Full Time, however, he understands there’s no place like home — and invites you to join him in his warm and cozy Guest Room for a few comforting minutes. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Dylan MacDonald writes songs that are cut and dry, 3 minute short stories about past relationships, late night nostalgia or whatever else he might be overthinking on any given evening. The melodies are reminiscent of early Coldplay and the production is a product of late-night demoing in a dark Winnipeg basement.” He’s outstanding in his field: