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Indie Roundup (TGIF Edition) | Seven Songs to Jump-Start Your Weekend

Wrap up your Friday with the help of Mitski, Gotthard, John Muirhead & many more.

Mitski comes clean, Black Needle Noise get social, John Muirhead sleeps it off, Gotthard go soft, Nailed to Obscurity paint it black and more in today’s Roundup. Come on, feel the noize:

1 | Talk about a coincidence: American singer-songwriter Mitski’s darkly pulsing new single — complemented by a sumptuous black-and-white noir video — is about possessing a Washing Machine Heart. I just happen to have a tumble-dryer brain and a clothes-hamper soul. And I promise to post blurbs about anyone who turns either of those terms into a song half as seductive as this. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “The video takes stylistic cues from older noir films, reflecting the longingful lyrics and pleading desire of the song. Choreographed by Monica Mirabel, Mitski exerts a powerful confidence that aptly describes the way she captures emotion — frankly, beautifully, and willingly.” Don’t forget to separate your delicates.

2 | Do you experience temporary blackouts or short term memory loss after a night on Facebook? Do you choose Twitter over friends and family? Do you Instagram alone or in secret? You may have a case of Social Media Disease. But there is help: The identically titled new electro single and video from Black Needle Noise‘s John Fryer and singer Betty X. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “Showcasing thunderous drums and breakbeats, Social Media Disease features scathing lyrics criticizing the dangers of social media and a fiery vocal performance from Betty X. These elements make the track a true standout in John Fryer’s illustrious catalog. It’s accompanying is appropriately claustrophobic and eerie, perfectly matching the chaotic vibes that the track exudes.” Bottoms up and don’t forget to like:

3 | Some people will work for food. Folksinger John Muirhead is happy to nod off pretty much anyplace, as long as he gets a chance to perform. And he apparently does both quite frequently, based on his new video for the endearing number I Can Sleep Anywhere. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “It’s about the call to adventure, and playing your heart out even if the room is empty,” explains the self-described troubadour. “It’s is a reminder that every show — whether it’s on a moving train, a folk festival, a theatre or someone’s living room — could be my last, and that I truly love music, regardless of the ups and downs I face.” Settle in:

4 | With a band name like Gotthard, you’d expect these Swiss metalheads to be ripping and shredding constantly. But no. They’re also capable of dishing out a sweet power ballad, as the video for their new single What I Wouldn’t Give (Acoustic Version) makes gently and reassuringly clear. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “The mighty ballad What I Wouldn’t Give tears everything down in a powerful wave of emotion.” Fire up the lighters:

5 | I have heard of black ice. I have heard of black mould. I have even heard of Blackadder. But I have not heard of black frost. Thankfully, German melodic death/doom metallers Nailed to Obscurity are here to educate me with the video for their new song Black Frost, the epic title cut from their upcoming album. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “While we try to route our sanity through daily grind and to skip facing our fears, our darkest emotions are able to create a burden in secrecy — they are able to cause our mind to capsize. We tried to capture this atmosphere in the lyrics and the music of our song Black Frost. A sinister maelstrom.” Nailed it:

6 | Toronto singer-guitarist Deanna Petcoff says she writes “happy songs about sad things.” She forgot to add she also writes songs that are melodic, energetic and catchy as all get out. And that in the case of her cathartic new single Stress, you get a colourful bedroom-rock video to boot. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE:Stress is about frustration, loss of hope and acceptance of a situation that will never be fixed. The unbearable weight of not feeling good enough for the person you want; thinking they might want you back but can’t follow through with their flirtatious actions is a common feeling. I wanted to encapsulate the frustration that accompanies this.” Come on, get happy:

7 | Getting there is half the fun — especially when you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch to travel. All you have to do is follow singer-songwriter Alex Muro and his Neighborhood of Make Believe bandmates as leave their Albany comfort zone to roam far and wide in the road-trip video for the Dylanesque Track Names, a preview of the orchestral folk-rock band’s debut album Two Nighttimes, out next week. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE:Neighborhood of Make Believe have woven a dense and sonically diverse album reflecting on questions that often go overlooked. What is the difference between loneliness & solitude? Is being cynical wise or is being idealistic naive? Can you accept fate with humility? Does a dog have buddha nature?” And are we there yet?

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