Daisy Beau Hugs You Close With Her Bear Love

The U.K. singer-songwriter celebrates those who stand by us through adversity.

Daisy Beau surrounds and soothes you with her enchanting debut single and animated video Bear Love — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Inspired by the themes of strength, support, and resilience found in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, the singer-songwriter’s track is a heartfelt tribute to the profound connections we share with those who stand by us through adversity. Rooted in lush melodies, poignant lyrics, and Beau’s unique style, the single encapsulates the essence of her musical vision.

Produced, mixed and performed entirely by Beau, Bear Love is the culmination of years of dedication and creative exploration. From the serene surroundings of a woodland cabin to the intricate layers of production, every aspect of the single reflects her unwavering commitment to craft and authenticity.

The video was created by artist Vicky MacLeod, as Daisy explains: “I loved collaborating with Vicky as she animated, illustrated and hand-crafted every aspect of the video. I’ve been blown away by Vicky’s talent and skill. She is an incredible visual storyteller, and Bear Love couldn’t have been in better hands. The music video perfectly captures the song and I feel emotional every time I see it. It brings the whole story to life.”

An extraordinary musical polymath, Beau’s musical prowess is testament to years of dedication and hard work. She has showcased her talents on prestigious platforms such as BBC2 Radio Live Lounge and Later with Jools Holland. Recent performances include a show with contemporary ensemble Institute Collective, improvisation sessions with Congo Natty and Falle Nioke, and a sold-out solo gig in her home town of Margate.

Watch the video for Bear Love above, listen to the song below, and make a path to Daisy Beau’s website, Instagram and Facebook.