Beya Rises And Shines Brighter Than The Sun

The emerging singer-songwriter shares the love with family and supportive friends.

Beya welcomes you to the dawning of her bright future with her breezy, sun-dappled debut single Brighter Than The Sun — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The emerging artist’s track highlights her relationships with family members, and how they shaped the person she is today. Brighter Than The Sun is a happy and upbeat song pulling on Beya’s island upbringing. The simple guitar figure and perfectly blended harmonies give a warm feeling and an expression of love to the family and a gift to those who supported her this far. Produced by Eternal Heart Productions and written by Beya and her friends, Brighter Than The Sun evokes overall positive emotion with a deeper meaning beneath the surface, uncovering a subtle dance of shadows that whispers of life’s complexities and the profound human experience.

Beya started singing at a young age with influence from her mother and great-grandmother playing the ukulele and singing. She began playing the piano at the age of 10 and picked up the guitar at 16 to further expand her musical abilities. Her music is guided by her experiences traveling the world, experimenting with different genres including pop, world, and even neo-soul and hip-hop. Beya cites Jack Johnson as a lyrical inspiration and says Amy Winehouse and Etta James influenced her overall sound. Although Beya — a variation of her middle name Isabell — has been performing since she was 13, she is now starting a new chapter of her artistic journey with goals to embrace uniqueness and not take life too seriously.

Brighter Than The Sun is a testament to her individuality and love for her family while also showcasing her impressive musical abilities. The track is one that perfectly illustrates who she is as a person and an artist, and who she wants to become.

Check out Brighter Than The Sun above and below, and follow Beya on Instagram and TikTok.