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Albums Of The Week: Redscale | The Old Colossus

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Old Colossus is the third studio album from rising German rockers Redscale. Recorded with Jan Oberg and Roland “Role” Wiegner at his Die Tonmeisterei studio in Oldenburg,the album finds Redscale relentless in their pursuit of that next-level sound. Bigger hooks, more memorable melodies, colosseum-sized choruses, and supercharged vocals are the orders of the day on this mighty behemoth.

While this new record undoubtedly finds the Berliners unabashed and playing around with elements of light and shade, over nine tracks showcasing a cache of new grooves, the band put riffs front and centre. It may be best heard on their latest single Hard to Believe, an electrical storm of heavy guitars and thunderous drums. In short, it’s stacked — and if 2019’s Feed Them to the Lions moved your world, then The Old Colossus is going to rock you to your core.”