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Mark Bram & Ruby Topaz Ready To Shine Again 23 Years Later

The Rhode Island glam veterans rewind their lengthy career on this compilation.

Mark Bram and Ruby Topaz take a walk down glam-rock memory lane on their colourful new compilation Ruby Topaz Again 23rd Anniversary Remaster — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The progressive Rhode Island glam band have a history that goes back nearly 40 years, to the initial recordings of singer-guitarist, songwriter and bandleader Mark Bram (aka Ruby Topaz). Heavily influenced by the greatest acts of the ’60s and ’70s — along with all things guitar rock — the band won many accolades in the ’80s and early ’90s for their unique sound and Bram’s inimitable fretwork.

After releasing an album of all-new songs called Rabbit Hole in 2023, Ruby Topaz decided to release a compilation spanning all the decades of their existence. True to its name, Ruby Topaz Again brings the music of the progressive glam outfit’s 11 releases to new life via a high-quality remaster, upgrading their old-school sound for today’s digital universe without sacrificing an ounce of the band’s potency, prowess and personality.

“We have the glam and theatrics of Cooper and Bowie, the sophisticated rock of Queen, the power and urgency of early Zeppelin with the melodic prowess of early Beatles,” says Bram.

He’s not kidding. Exhibiting an interesting blend of pop, rock, glam, metal, blues and fusion, the music of Ruby Topaz was once described by a critic as ‘subtly savage melodic metal.’ Bram and Topaz (his birthstone) have a long and colorful history on the Rhode Island scene. In the ’80s, their single Why / The Sack garnered airplay in England, France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. In addition to recording and performing, Mark is a grandmaster of martial arts, and teaches Yeung style Taijiquan in Providence.

Listen To Ruby Topaz Again 23rd Anniversary Remaster below and get more information on the Ruby Topaz website.