Midweek Mixtape | More Than 160 Songs That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet (Side 2)

ME: What do we want?
YOU: More than 160 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances — most of which can’t be found anywhere else!
ME: When do we want them?
YOU: Now!
ME: What do we want the Tinnitist-approved tracks tagged with?
YOU: A broom!
ME: Why?
YOU: Why not!?!
Me: Fair enough:



1🧹 May Rio | Aspartame

2Tired Kid | Scotch

3Sarathy Korwar | Songs Or People

4🧹 Indigo De Souza | You Can Be Mean

5Daniel Blumberg | Cheerup

6Jimmy Whispers | True Love Is Freedom

7🧹 Rival Sons | Bird In The Hand

8Orchard Sky | Rollin’ 7’s (Live)

9Loretta | Si Te Abres

10🧹 The National Parks | Trouble

11Julia Shapiro | Zorked

12We Kill Cowboys | Journey

13Blutengel | The Prophecy

14Proper. | Jean

15Andrea Von Kampen | Time + Space (Molto Bella)

16Joey Nebulous | Break

17Sun Spot | Keepsake

18Ashley North | Something You Need

19Valentín Mera | Veleidosa

20🧹 Kendall Street Company | Kiss (ft. Deau Eyes & Charles Owens)

21Blondshell | Salad

22Jethro Tull | Hammer On Hammer

23Jim Bob | Thanks For Reaching Out

24🧹 Little Dragon | Slugs Of Love

25Rum Buffalo | Spark Dreamer

26Madison Cunningham | Inventing The Wheel

27Loupe | My Hands

28Magic Wands | Joy

29The Last Second Save | Baltimore

30🧹 Gareth Sager | They’re Playing Kraftwerk In The Coffee Shop

31Madison Watkins | Find You

32Sam Zalta | Altar

33Jason Kent | Fake Those Blues

34Madisyn Gifford | Prettiest Bitch

35🧹 Cindy | Earthly Belonging

36Lost Under Heaven | Dark Days