Kina Makes History With Campaign To Get You The Moon

The synth-popster is the first Italian to earn more than a billion streams for a song.

Kina has reached the musical stratosphere as the first Italian artist with a billion Spotify streams, thanks to his rocket-powered single Get You The Moon.

At just 24 years old, Kina has reached multiple platinum certifications with his moody, lo-fi pop anthem. Utilizing the talents of writer and vocalist Snøw, Get You The Moon saw a snowball effect on social media.The track flooded TikTok pages all over the globe and went viral on SoundCloud, earning its status as a viral sensation.

The single’s unique flavour of melancholy lo-fi brought to the forefront a new sound; before Kina, very few lo-fi producers had reached the global success and recognition he has seen. In fact, it secured Kina’s place as the first Italian artist to reach one billion Spotify streams for an original single. Catching the attention of renowned record labels, Kina’s track was re-released through Columbia Records during its rise to fame.

After spending 450 days on Spotify’s Global Daily Charts, Get You The Moon is now certified platinum in seven countries (U.S., Australia, France, Mexico, Poland, Portugal and Canada) and reached gold status in five more (Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain and U.K.). From self-releasing to a global sensation, Kina’s story is a testament to the unstoppable power of the internet when it discovers an incredible song.

Kina was born in Naples and accredits the province for giving him the energy and the spirit to achieve his goals. Learning to make music from a young age, Kina experimented with progressive house in his productions. At age 11, he began publishing his electronic creations on SoundCloud. His sound began to shift during high school, as he lent into the lo-fi pop genre that is synonymous with his name today. Kina gave the world a glimpse into his relationship with lo-fi in his 2020 YouTube documentary series Asleep In A Dream, in which he says, “I didn’t look for fame, for success, or clicks. I just wanted to express myself.”

Through this self-expression, his signature blend of melancholic lo-fi pioneered a wave in ‘bedroom pop,’ and continues to reach billions of people across the globe. Kina is now based in Lisbon and boasts 20-plus platinum discs, 15 billion YouTube streams. He sat at No. 2 on Billboard’s Top TV Songs Chart with Get You The Moon. Since its release in 2018, Kina has released a host of singles, remixes, and collaborations. The latest is his recent album Kinamood, a showcase of his signature immersive lo-fi soundscapes. And the world won’t have to wait long to hear more, with Kina set to release new music this year.

Watch the video for Get You The Moon above, hear more from Kina below and congratulate him on his website, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.