Indie Roundup | 33 Numbers To Elevate Your Tuesday

Ric Robertson, Metz, Goom, Storry, Matte Blvck & plenty more make a day of it.

Ric Robertson shares the Louisiana love, Metz call a cab, The Gooms bring the blah blah, Storry add to their worth and more in your upsized Tuesday Roundup. There are some good noisy cuts — including a smoking all-star version of The StoogesFun House — down near the bottom. It’s worth the scroll.



1 | Ric Robertson | Louisiana Love Thing

THE PRESS RELEASE:Ric Robertson’s Strange World EP is a cross-genre odyssey, and in it, funk is the future. The New Orleans-based visionary synthesizes the full canon of American music — New Orleans jazz, classic American pop songsmiths, modern funk, and R&B to name a few — and births it into something out of this world. Robertson, a former member of Lucius who has toured as a sideman with acts like The Wood Brothers and Rhiannon Giddens, masterfully weaves together the joy of dancehall funk with experimental and forward-thinking production. Produced by Lucius member Dan Molad, Strange World is both a joyous escape and a thoughtful collection. It’s a perfectly fitting soundtrack for turbulent times, reminding us of the ongoing revolutionary power of music and storytelling amidst tidal waves of technological development, reckless world leaders, and global unrest. Roberson has just shared the official video for the first single Louisiana Love Thing.”

2 | Metz | Hail Taxi

THE PRESS RELEASE:Metz have shared the video for Hail Taxi, the second single off Atlas Vending. If Metz’s current mission is to mirror the inevitable struggles of adulthood, they’ve successfully managed to tap into the conflicted relationship between rebellion and revelry with the song’s tactics of offsetting their signature bombast with anthemic melodic resolutions. “Hail Taxi is about looking back. The lyrics deal with the idea of reconciling or coming to terms with who you were and who you’ve become,” shares frontman Alex Edkins. The stunning video, directed by A.F. Cortes, heightens these themes and expertly captures the same intensity as the alternately brutal verses and beguiling choruses of Hail Taxi. Of the video, Cortes says, “I wanted to tell a simple story that captures the song’s overarching theme. The idea of longing for the past creates many visual motifs and I wanted to create a piece that feels timeless and conveys a sense of isolation, highlighting that while we can hide our feelings, we can’t run from them.”

3 | The Gooms | Ska Ska Blah Blah

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles-based indie-rock quartet The Gooms are sharing their latest video for their song Ska Ska Blah Blah with a special appearance by lead guitarist Nicole Rae’s fierce grandmother aka Grandma Goom. Ska Ska Blah Blah is one of 12 tracks from their debut album Laugh., due Sept. 4. “Ska Ska Blah Blah is about an unwillingness to recognize change and an attempt to escape reality,” say The Gooms. “The quick and driving pace of the song is meant to resemble the feeling of being chased by an unknown force, slowly creeping closer with each passing moment until it ultimately swallows you whole. Sometimes titles are nonsense.”


4 | Storry | Worth ft. Thurz

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In a time where many question the meaning of purpose and value, Juno-nominated Toronto artist Storry dives deeper to explore the self in Worth, a new single featuring L.A. artist Thurz. The song, produced by Junia-T, who was also at the helm for her Pride Month anthem For No One, reflects being human on all fronts with varied perspective. “I wanted this song to include a male, and to express a man’s perspective on this. Though we are all human and all fear aging, insignificance, loss of power, not becoming ‘enough’, it’s not quite the same for men. So, I asked my friend Thurz, a magnificent and socially conscious artist from Inglewood, to feature on this track. I’m so blessed he agreed to participate,” Storry says. “We live in a world where new is better and what becomes old is an increasingly shorter window. Our value seems to be tied to our physical beauty (especially as women and even more so for women in the music industry). I’ve even had people negotiate the terms of my contract based on my age being a risk to their investment. So, trust me. This song means a lot to me. Because it’s something I struggle with every time I look at my hands, every time I walk past the mirror, every time I put on a pair of jeans that just doesn’t fit the same. How old am I you ask? I’m ageless, just like my music is timeless.”

5 | Matte Blvck | Bare

THE PRESS RELEASE:Matte Blvck is an electronic group out of San Diego. Producing sounds of sinister pleasures, visual arts and mechanical tinged dance music, the group capture lush dark-synth stylings complimented by gritty industrial anthems, while embodying their affinity for underground techno. Alex Gonzales, Bidi Cobra and Daniel Corrales serve as the three-piece ensemble. Coming from various influences the trio come together to compliment their vast and scattered ideas to now form their own brand of club aesthetic. The debut album I’m Waving, Not Drowning is due this fall. The record was mostly written during the global-wide shutdown due to Covid-19, and has spawned an introverted yet relatable sound. An album created in isolation touching on topics such as pain, panic and suffering yet conceiving a light at the end of the tunnel. Hence the title of the album, I’m Waving, Not Drowning.”

6 | Sen Morimoto | Deep Down ft. Aaamyyy

THE PRESS RELEASE: “I am dropping in to let you know I released a new song and video. It’s called Deep Down and it features Japanese electronic artist Aaamyyy. I toured with Aaamyyy in JP last year and it was a really amazing time. I was thrilled to take that experience further and collab with her on my album. We also shot a really fun video directed by Kaina. I got to wear a bunch of insane outfits and hang out in front of a green screen, and Aaamyyy sent footage from Tokyo.”

7 | Angel Olsen | Waving, Smiling

THE PRESS RELEASE:Angel Olsen unveils Waving, Smiling, a new single from Whole New Mess, her forthcoming album out Aug. 28, and first solo album since her 2012 debut. In conjunction, Olsen presents an intimate live performance of the song shot by Ashley Connor at Asheville’s Masonic Temple. Throughout Waving, Smiling, Olsen lays her feelings bare: “I’ve made my bed, made up of all my fears // all my fears cried out all of those years // cried out all of those years // Now baby I’m lying // Laid out and smiling.” When she hits the high, quavering notes of the tender waltz, you can hear Olsen push against the lump in her throat, wrestling with the worry of her past and what it means for her future. “Waving, Smiling in my head is the last scene, a slow motion realization of love not lost but at peace somewhere within myself,” says Olsen. “It’s the bittersweet end of a chapter of my life — it is the final acceptance that despite coming to an end all of that time was not lost or wasted.”

8 | Vita & the Woolf | Home

THE PRESS RELEASE:Vita and the Woolf share the new video for Home, from her upcoming album Anna Ohio, out Friday, Aug. 21. In discussing the song Jen Pague says, ”the lyrics, ‘abandoned malls and the ghosts that haunt them’ are about the destruction of malls built in the ’70s and ’80s. The fictional character, Anna lives here, she grew up here. A mall, a marketplace, and the epicenter of capitalism. This idea of realizing, she can’t live in the mall anymore. Embracing the melancholy of this bizarre structure.”

9 | Rituals of Mine | Exceptions

THE PRESS RELEASE:Rituals of Mine — the immersive, hybrid R&B electronic project of Los Angeles-based songwriter Terra Lopez — shares the new single/video Exceptions, from her forthcoming album Hype Nostalgia, out Sept. 25. For the bedroom pop-tinged Exceptions, Lopez wrote with a TC Helicon vocal effects pedal to reflect the track’s vulnerable lyrics and make her voice more of an instrument. It deals with the heavy realization that some people aren’t meant to be in each other’s lives forever. The accompanying video, directed by Leo Pfeifer, is based on Lopez’s childhood. “During this time I had a big falling-out with some key people in my life (including my longtime bandmate), friends that had been family for over a decade. I honestly thought I’d grow old with these people by my side and it was a heavy realization coming to terms that we just didn’t belong in each other’s lives anymore,” says Lopez. “It’s a song that acknowledges that in these situations, it’s a two-way street. There’s no need to shift blame on anyone, that won’t undo what happened. The chorus, ‘Take all of my pride, throw it out’ is me admitting that I was also part of the reason for the connection ending.”

10 | Banisher | Lockdown

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Polish death metal quartet Banisher has issued another new video from their fourth album Degrees Of Isolation, which saw release in February. The new visual accompaniment to Lockdown arrived today. Offers guitarist Hubert Więcek, “Lockdown is a song about feelings, emotions, and daily habits of an incarcerated person. Lockdown is also a term used in jails to describe a certain period of time, when the person is being held in solitary with no option to leave the cell until that period ends. Every hour, every day, and every week feels like it lasts 10 times longer. Because of lack of activities, except physical workout, reading books (that is a privilege not always given to every inmate, even if, the most common book that is available is the Bible), and very rarely playing cards (very low possibility to get those), the sanity of a person in custody is being on the verge of being lost. Counting days on the wall, waiting from trial to trial, waiting for any information about your situation feels like eternity. Because of no sight of daylight or night, the only measurement of the time of the day is the delivery of the meals. Thousands of thoughts, memories and scenarios are coming through your mind, but freedom is the only thing that you are dreaming of.”

11 | Into It. Over It. | We Prefer Indoors

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Sometimes, you just have to walk away. That’s one of the many life lessons that Evan Thomas Weiss details on his forthcoming Into it. Over it. album, Figure, and specifically on his new song We Prefer Indoors. Written about a short-lived relationship that went on for much longer than it had to, it’s about rediscovering your self-confidence; an exercise in patience and trusting one’s gut. Into it. Over it.’s last album, 2016’s Standards, found the project drifting into new territories, recreating the blueprint for what the emo genre could become in the years to follow. Now, four years later, Weiss returns to an entirely new landscape but once again, innovation becomes the beating heart of everything he creates. Songs like We Prefer Indoors prove that Evan’s never ending quest for transformation is alive and well — both sonically and emotionally — as he continues to explore different ways of updating a sound that some might say he’s already perfected.”

12 | Realize | Slag Pile

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Arizona’s Realize channels Godflesh, Nailbomb and Meathook Seed with their sophomore full-length Machine Violence, assembling an abrasive and hyper-aggressive take on industrial metal. In advance of the record’s Sept. 25, the band unveils a video accompaniment to the track Slag Pile. Adhering to an old-school approach to writing and recording, Realize and Machine Violence reflect on the advancing convergence of organic life and machines. No amps or drums were used in the recording process; vocals, guitars, and bass all used computerized amps and effect modulations, and drums were programmed on an Alesis machine. With Machine Violence, Realize leaps forward and showcases industrial metal at its most ferocious and uncompromising!”

13 | Sophia Bel | You’re Not Real You’re Just A Ghost

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Montreal-based artist, singer, and producer Sophia Bel has always been slightly out of step with her surroundings. Born in Michigan to a Quebecois father and a Dutch-American mother, Bel grew up intrigued by the mysterious sounds of trip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass in the era of Britney and Christina. Her black fingernail polish made her the target of bullies at her school in suburban Quebec City, earning her the nicknames Emo and Princess of the Dead. As an artist, she’s reclaiming those hurtful names and owning them. Bel releases her new single You’re Not Real You’re Just A Ghost. Produced by CRi (also known for his collaborations with Charlotte Cardin and Milk & Bone), the moody, alt-pop track is an angsty, ironic kiss-off from the perspective of someone who’s been ghosted. And what better way to deliver this put down than with the aloofness of a misunderstood teenager from the 2000s pop punk era? You’re Not Real You’re Just a Ghost is the first single from her upcoming sophomore EP Princess of the Dead Vol. 2, out this November. “I wanted to explore the accumulation of repressed angst that was evoked when rediscovering the pop-punk bands of my teenage years. You’re Not Real You’re Just a Ghost is a satirical take on the frustrations caused by a general lack of communication in relationships, referencing the blink-182, Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne era.”

14 | Wilmette | Alchemy

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Illinois-based pop-punk band Wilmette is debuting a new single and music video for the song Alchemy, the second single off the band’s upcoming self-titled EP, out Sept. 25. Hailing from the Chicago suburbs, Wilmette combine pop-punk and hardcore with a fresh style that relies on pop hooks, honest lyrics, and strong musicianship. The band’s emphatic label debut Anxious Body was produced by Seth Henderson at ABG Studios (Knuckle Puck, Real Friends) and mastered by Kris Crummett (Sleeping With Sirens).”

15 | The Imaginaries | Walking On A Wire

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Oklahoma Americana husband / wife duo The Imaginaries, Shane Henry (guitar, vocals) and Maggie McClure (keys, piano, vocals), are premiering their stunning video for their third single Walking On A Wire. Taking an off-road ATV out to the dunes under a hot blazing sun, the video was shot over two days in Little Sahara State Park in Waynoka, OK. “Walking On A Wire is about the balancing act that artists face daily,” says McClure. “It’s about opportunities that we’ve been given that have been taken away due to circumstances completely out of our control. But it’s also a song about keeping the faith and staying the course, no matter what.”

16 | Pretty Awkward | Misfits

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Seattle-based alternative band Pretty Awkward are attempting to bring hope to the hopeless with their latest single Misfits. Packed with bouyant instrumentations and lyrics that call for outsiders to band together in support of dreamers everywhere, the upbeat song arrives during a summer when it’s needed most. The band strives to motivate us all to keep fighting for the things we want, and they are calling on believers everywhere to unite. The group knows that we are stronger together, and they’ve provided the anthem we need to support one another, even if our darkest days. Austin Held of the band says of Misfits: “Nicholas came up with a pretty sweet beat and passed it to me. When I first heard the track, I thought it was very nostalgic sounding and wanted to capture that vibe lyrically. One of the first things that came to mind was the phrase “we are misfits,” and from there, it was pretty easy to put together.”

17 | Christo Graham | Lucky Me

THE PRESS RELEASE:Christo Graham announces his new album Turnin’ and shares the first single and video, Lucky Me. Turnin’ is set for release on Nov. 6. Turnin’ retraces his steps through the chronology of recording at home, of “moving out”, and coming around to it again. The first track, Lucky Me, begins with that fated trip moving to Toronto, rifling through memories in search of a definitive moment that led to his meeting and eventual marriage with his wife. Christo says, “I had this stack of miniDV tapes from the last four or five years and I hadn’t been able to do anything with the bits of footage. The song is about searching through memories for a specific moment… I thought it would fit perfectly, the music video being a collage of all these scraps.”

18 | Bananagun | Out of Reach (Maston Remix)

THE PRESS RELEASE:Bananagun follow up the release of their wonderfully received debut album The True Story of Bananagun with a remix from Maston. The band gave him free reign to turn the track inside out, and boy did he deliver! Maston’s mix of Out of Reach slows things down to an easy pace, enabling the original’s rich melodies to sit at the forefront, resulting in an endless earworm. Band leader Nick Van Bakel told us a bit more about why they decided to work with Frank Maston: “We thought Frank would be good for the job because we liked his albums and you can tell from listening to them he knows his way around a mix, and also I like his style, seemed like a like-minded fellow. We weren’t expecting it to sound so sexy, in a mellow Stax / Motown way I like it. We’ve heard that song so much now so it’s cool having this new sensual spin. I’m sure we’ve never met but have mutual friends. I got in touch via email, it was all easy going. Frank’s real enthusiastic and into it, it’s always such a pleasure working with people like that!”

19 | Jefferson Starship | What Are We Waiting For?

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Legendary rock band Jefferson Starship (featuring David Freiberg, Donny Baldwin, Cathy Richardson, Chris Smith, and Jude Gold) recently released their first single It’s About Time and now follow this up with the absolutely fabulous What Are We Waiting For? The band will also release their new EP Mother of the Sun, their first collection of new songs in 12 years, on Friday. The seven tracks include two songs co-written by original Jefferson Starship/Jefferson Airplane members — It’s About Time, co-written with Grace Slick, and another co-written with Marty Balin. The collection also features the return of original Jefferson Starship member Pete Sears, who plays bass on three tracks.”

20 | Ekko Park | Uh Oh

THE PRESS RELEASE:Ekko Park, one of New Zealand’s finest rock exports will release their new album Horizon on Aug. 21. The band have released the video for their brand new single Uh Oh! The ridiculously catchy, uptempo track is made for bouncing around the room and played loud! Frontman Joe Walsh says of the track, “Uh Oh was the last song we wrote for Horizon. The riff had been around for about 10 years and I brought it in to the final album rehearsal. What I thought was the chorus, Bryan saw as the verse, so we chopped it up, wrote a new chorus and within minutes we had our newest punkiest song & probably our most favourite to play live! The lyrics were written in a cinema whilst watching Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. The narrator of the song is Sam Rockwell’s character Dixon. I wrote this from the perspective of Dixon talking to Mildred as the movie ends and final plot twist ensues….”

21 | Dauzat St. Marie | Common Ground

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In a nation most divided, Los Angeles duo Dauzat St. Marie — pronounced “like robot,” as guitarist Mat Dauzat says — are scouring the market for the most prime of real estate, Common Ground. They expertly sum up our current collective state in their observational new single, with the lyric “We’re strong, but sometimes just worn out… adrift on seas of headlines, trying not to drown.” As singer Heather St. Marie and guitarist/singer Mat Dauzat further explain, “Common Ground exists at the junction of human compassion, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, and UNITY. The turbulent sociopolitical seas of the past several years have delivered tidal wave after tidal wave and have seemingly led to the epic flood that 2020 is currently unleashing on us all.”

22+23 | Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon | Ants + I Am Random

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Acoustic guitar pioneer Leo Kottke and Phish bassist Mike Gordon have announced the release of their first new album together in 15 years. Noon arrives Aug. 28 and is heralded by today’s premiere of new songs, Ants and I Am Random. “The vibe is very different from the other two albums,” says Gordon. “I was hearing a darkness in the material Leo was bringing, and some of the material that I wanted to bring, that I thought just reflected going through 10 more years of life. There are overdubs, but it’s still more like you’re in a cafe or a living room with these two guys. And even when we had drums, we wanted to maintain that feeling.” Says Kottke: “I just knew there was a shape and that we were following it. We were trying to get to that place that we get to in a little room, just chasing each other. We’ve found that at soundchecks, and at my place, or his place, or some motel room. We wanted to get that late night feel. It’s a more intimate record than the others are, I think there are depths to it.”

24 | Dan Penn | Edge Of Love

THE PRESS RELEASE: “There aren’t many musical heroes like Dan Penn. In songwriting circles his name is as good as gold, and often platinum. And when it comes to those who can give life to the human spirit in song, it sometimes feels like Penn is traveling in a party of one. His voice sounds like it comes from the strong Southern soil in Alabama where he was born and raised, and then deepened in Memphis and Muscle Shoals. It is a true fact that when Penn sings one of his own songs, something happens that is beyond sound. On his new album, Living on Mercy, out Aug. 28, he collaborates with some of the other best songwriters in Nashville, Memphis, Muscle Shoals and points beyond, and applies all the wondrous things he’s seen and learned since his first songwriting job when he was 16 years old. There is a truthful essence in his new music that feels like it is directed by a higher source, one that opens the door to an eternal understanding of what songs are capable of. “One of my top songs — in fact, I think Edge of Love is the best song on the record. The whole idea of it, and the groove of it. I wrote this and Living on Mercy with Wayne Carson in the car. We were going to cut them on The Cate Brothers, and we demoed them, but then the recording never happened. I’d listen to the demo and say to myself, ‘Somebody needs to cut this song.’ That somebody turned out to be me.”

25 | Nerima | All Afraid To Fall

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Hey, we’re Nerima, an alt-indie rock band from Toronto! In our music, we pay homage to the punk-rock roots we grew up with while mixing in elements from the modern alternative scene we’ve grown to love along the way. Though we’re just starting up and all still young, we are genuinely passionate music lovers, and we believe our songs showcases exactly who we are and what we’ve got. We released our debut single All Afraid to Fall, one that means a lot to us as it’s a song about our drive and passion to keep going despite all the setbacks (which are many at our stage), non-believers, and doubts.”

26 | Adulkt Life | County Price

THE PRESS RELEASE:Huggy Bear’s Chris Rowley, Male Bonding’s John Arthur Webb and Kevin Hendrick, and drummer Sonny Barrett announce their new collaboration, Adulkt Life. In conjunction, they present their debut single County Pride. “Early in Adulkt Life songwriting we wanted to make a song like Devo — something herky jerky with a future disco swing for a party crowd — but we were all too angry,” says Rowley. “The song is about the need to escape from hostile small-town awfulness and the weird ways you choose to get out. It’s a dark ride with sparky edges through small town/new town bid for blood … Adulkt life haven’t learnt to be flippant yet just flipped out … Ricochet and rockblast vs racism.”

27 | Sheenjek | Unclever

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The band Sheenjek started as a simple book club, with wine and cheese and light banter about families and good books. This quickly dissolved, during the first meeting, into a demonstration, or clinic, of self-defense knife handling skills, and joint rolling technique. Booze, weed, books and punching each other, soon lead to a drum solo that lasted nine nights and became the first ever live performance of the Sheenjek band. The “unclever” path for the band took longer than expected as the band embarked on their venture of fitting in with other Portland bands with many left turns and constant room clearings. Not metal enough to play metal shows, not punk enough to play punk shows, and not “post” enough to win over any of those shows. Yet being the odd band out in any genre is never a bad thing and in the end the consciousness came.”

28 | Brock Mattsson | Are You Thinking of Me

THE PRESS RELEASE:Brock Mattsson is a singer/songwriter that creates smooth gentle sounds of sorrow. Living in Edmonton for a short stint, Brock was reintroduced for his love of country music. Having his songwriting come from past experiences, he mixes them with soft slow notes to calm and ground listeners. He hopes to share his songwriting to those whose love for country music still thrives. His new single Are You Thinking of Me expresses the importance of human companionship and the loneliness that follows a relationship’s dissolution.”

29 | The Venus in Scorpio | Blissed

THE PRESS RELEASE:Maxim Faster, known musically as The Venus in Scorpio, is an electronic producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. Roaming ambiguously across the spheres of ’70s Glam Rock, ’80s Goth and New Wave, and everything 2000 and beyond, The Venus in Scorpio’s unique sound captures a sprawling sonic essence that is strikingly familiar, while curiously bypassing the conventions of genre. The Venus in Scorpio’s second EP I’ll Never See Him Again, is a dark synth-pop trip through more intimate areas of Faster’s life, casting a glimmering pop sheen on their bleak personal experiences in emotional recovery and lost love. “Blissed is a triumph over the struggles of learning to love yourself. Once you learn to love yourself enough to stop focusing only on yourself you’re able to come together with other people and celebrate under the same sun, experiencing each other’s joy and being a part of the universal recovery and evolution of humanity.”

30 | I Am Boleyn | Just Friends (Tokyo Project Remix)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Pop polymath I Am Boleyn returns with a searing, futuristic club oriented remix of Just Friends by Italian DJ / producer Tokyo Project (Giulio Tosi). Thanks to his own characteristic sound which combines future house and melodic house, Tokyo Project has worked with names such as Don Diablo. Of I Am Boleyn’s track Just Friends he says; “Lately I was inspired by deeper emotional moods with a melancholic touch, my collaboration with I Am Boleyn was the perfect opportunity to fuse my style with the distinct dream synth pop. This remix’s nostalgia beings back past experiences I have had.”

31 | Päter | Sleep

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Travelling across the subgenres of indie is Päter, a bold, irreverent new force in music. Päter’s songwriting navigates themes of self-discovery and mental health with a lighthearted touch. Päter’s debut self-produced EP, Sole, is officially out. Full of good vibes, the main goal of Sole was to be honest, but honestly good-intentioned and optimistic. It’s a pick ‘n’ mix of genres for people to take what speaks to them and hold it close. Above all, Sole inspires acceptance for the bits of us we want to push away. New single Sleep is about feeling powerless in turbulent circumstances. Right now feels like a transitional time where the past isn’t worth returning to and the future is full of uncertainty; Sleep grapples with that collective feeling of limbo.”

32 | The Wylde Rattz | Fun House

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Wylde Ratttz release Fun House from their 1997 session to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Stooges’ monumental release. Stooges co-founder and guitarist Ron Asheton leads the onslaught with Mudhoney’s Mark Arm on vocals and the amazing Sabir Mateen blasting tenor sax.”

33 | The Native Sibling | Growth

THE PRESS RELEASE:Growth is the new single from indie-folk duo The Native Sibling. The duo shares of the track: “Kaylee initially brought this idea to the table, which evolved in the process between her and Ryan to be a bit more uptempo and playful. Listening to a lot of Feist and springtime bursting were the first influences. The cheap wind chimes on my porch came to life in the imagery of them dancing with the wind in a beautiful and untethered dance. We wanted a song that brought light and noticed the small beautiful — which is something that we hope will resonate with people more than ever in our current world. The driving force of the change in seasons is always a reminder of renewal and the small bits of growth each day that accumulate into something beautiful. However, sometimes this growth can seem daunting or unnoticed in the daily. Perhaps the changes are happening whether we feel ready or not. Maybe its more of an unraveling without clear direction? There is faith required from us to believe that the changes which are out of our hands have a purpose to shape us into who we are intended to be.”

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