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Little Fireworks Brave The Darkess As They Wonder: Where Did The Light Go?

The London duo offer hope in trying times with their four-song debut EP.

Little Fireworks burst onto the radar with their passionate power and sophisticated style of their debut EP Where Did The Light Go? — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Featuring the previously released singles Brother, Vicious Tongue and Like Ghosts, the emotionally rich songs of Where Did The Light Go? find Little Fireworks — the London indie-rock duo of Scott Viney and Pierce Kavanagh — working to reignite the hope that’s very much needed in these trying times.

Viney and Kavanagh are two lifelong friends from London who have been writing music together — in different projects and across various roles — for more than seven years. Like many artists, the pandemic played a huge part in the demise of their previous project. Pierce went on as a solo artist under the name kav, while Scott focused his efforts becoming a full-time session musician. But they missed making music together. Enter Little Fireworks: A new musical tour de force.

How would you describe their sound? You could correctly tag them as sad boys, but that would do them a great injustice. Although their music — a fusion of synth-fuelled indie-rock, dream pop, shoegaze and more —  may seem sombre, hope is a constant, universal theme in their work, providing a much-needed flicker of light when all else is dark — aka a little firework.

Influenced by Biffy Clyro, Frightened Rabbit, The National and more, the duo share relatable emotions, expertly woven around heart-wrenching harmonies in an alchemic mix of loud and quiet. Their thought-provoking songs delve into heartbreak (although not always from the viewpoint of the wounded), mental health and our unpredictable and turbulent world. With their epic crescendos, honest sentiments and hair-raising melodies, they entrance audiences — both in their studio output and at their live gigs.

Listen to Where Did The Light Go? and watch some of their lyric video below, and catch up with Little Fireworks on their website, Facebook and Instagram.