Blace Knows You’ll Both Just Crash And Burn

The new L.A. artist's debut single explores the turmoil of a difficult relationship.

Blace braces for love’s inevitable Crash And Burn in his new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The American artist’s first official single is a pop-punk-inspired track delving into themes of emotional chaos during a relationship. Crash And Burn combines a punky edge with emotionally vulnerable lyrics to create a unique and passionate rock piece.

Pulling from his real-life experiences regarding the decision to stay in a tough relationship, Blace dives deep in hopes of reaching an audience that has been through something similar. The track opens with enticing vocals and powerful lyrics and then quickly explodes into a high-energy call-and-response style chorus. The single is reminiscent of the early 2000s pop-punk/emo scene, parallel to the sounds of My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday.

Crash And Burn was a song I wrote a few years ago,” says Blace. “This is a special song, and I knew I wanted to release it. It is very relatable in the sense that lots of people have experienced or are still experiencing being in with someone who makes their life harder. And even though they are in turmoil, they still choose to stick around.”

With an artist moniker that pays homage to iconic figures of rock and roll, Blackie Lawless (of W.A.S.P.) and Ace Frehley (of KISS), Blace officially began his music career three years ago when the pandemic sent him home from college. His nomadic upbringing from Maine to North Carolina and Minnesota ultimately led him to establish roots in Los Angeles, where he cultivated his artistic legacy. Drawing inspiration from the raw energy of Mötley Crüe and early pop-punk bands like Green Day and Sum 41 to the theatricality of KISS to the dark allure of Ozzy Osbourne, and the lyrical contents of MGK, Juice WRLD, and The Kid Laroi, Blace’s sonic landscape traverses the contours of rock, punk, and alternative genres with effortless fluidity. Through passion and perseverance, he embodies the transformative power of music to transcend boundaries and inspire greatness.

Check out Crash And Burn above and below, and follow Blace on Instagram and TikTok.