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Beth Brandy Flaunts Her Double Standards

The London singer brings-back disco-pop — with some impressive additions.

Beth Brandy makes the most of her Double Standards on her new EP — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The London singer’s latest release is a vibrant collection of disco pop bangers and soulful ballads that showcase the artist’s undeniable talent and magnetic energy. With this release, Brandy invites listeners to let loose and dance, stating that she wanted to make a record of positive songs that could bring joy to people and lift them up. “The era of fun pop music needs to come back around, and infuse in some funk, disco, and dance into it, and give people something to be joyful about,” says Brandy.

Double Standards features six tracks, including Brandy’s previously released singles Magic, a heartfelt ode to the enchanting power of love, and Irresponsible, a candid confession embracing the thrill of recklessness, both of which have captivated fans with their catchy hooks and relatable narratives. These tracks serve as a prelude to the EP’s title track, which is a bold exploration of the complexities of relationships and societal expectations.

Working alongside Grammy-nominated Sam Hook (Miley Cyrus, Trey Songz, Jennifer Lopez) for the EP, Brandy explains how it was truly a transformative experience, reflecting on how, with his help, her vision for the EP truly came to life. “I told Sam I wanted my music to sound like Ariana hopped on a Silk Sonic beat, and that’s exactly the type of music we made.”

Photo by Amelia May.

In addition, Double Standards features three tracks mixed by the esteemed Grammy-winning Jaycen Joshua (Single Ladies, Despacito), ensuring a polished and dynamic sound from start to finish. The EP is a fusion of uplifting disco-funk tunes and sultry pop ballads, reflecting Brandy’s eclectic musical influences and infectious energy.

Brandy’s journey commenced with her viral success on TikTok, where she captured the hearts of international audiences with her soulful renditions and captivating performances, starting with her hitting Grande’s infamous high note in Bang Bang. Drawing inspiration from artists like Anderson .Paak, Michael Jackson’s funk-driven beats, and Silk Sonic’s innovative fusion of ’80s funk, Brandy has carved out her own unique sound, blending nostalgic undertones with contemporary flair.

Inspired by Christina Aguilera and Grande’s aesthetics and vocal ranges, Brandy refines her visual style and strives to emulate their vocal abilities. With Double Standards, Brandy aims to spread positivity and joy through her music, offering listeners an uplifting escape from the complexities of everyday life. Her soulful vocals and infectious melodies are sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

Check out Double Standards and watch Beth Brandy’s videos below, and check out her website, Instagram and TikTok.


Photo by Sophie Khoo.