Leah Jane Sends A Scarlet Letter

The singer traverses the shame, rejection & liberation of ending a toxic relationship.

Leah Jane spells it out in her plaintive and reflective new single Scarlet Letter — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Toronto singer-songwriter’s latest heart-wrenching single is a song that delves into the profound emotions and inner turmoil of a toxic relationship. With Scarlet Letter, Leah Jane opens up about the harrowing journey through the dissolution of a relationship. The song poignantly addresses the shame, rejection, and liberation that come with moving on.

Her lyrics, “My shame has washed away, no longer haunted by the lies you fed me, wish we could’ve just stayed friends, what a complex ending,” navigate the listener through the storm of emotions that accompany a breakup. The song’s expressive vocals convey the depth of hurt, the resentment towards the one who caused the pain, and the bravery it takes to advocate for oneself and establish boundaries.

Leah Jane, alongside producers Alex Biro (Selfish Things) and Mike Tompa (Silverstein), crafts a story that resonates with feelings of closure and optimism for what lies ahead. Leah Jane further elaborates on the song’s essence, describing Scarlet Letter as a reflection on the isolation and judgment faced after revealing her vulnerabilities. The track discusses the consequences of being ostracized and labeled, shedding light on themes of slut-shaming and the hypocrisy of certain self-proclaimed feminists. “It’s a song about slut shaming, about the modern fake-feminist, nail-painting fuck-boy,” Leah Jane asserts, highlighting the song’s relevance to contemporary social issues.

A nominee for Best Actress at the Short Stop Film Fest and a recognizable face from House of Deadly Lies, Leah Jane brings her acting skills into her musical performances, creating a cinematic experience for her listeners. Her debut EP Nottingham Drive tells poignant stories of feeling undervalued, viewed from a broad perspective. This EP is a testament to her journey as an artist, marked notably by her receipt of the 2019 RBC Emerging Musician/Canadian Walk of Fame Scholarship for her song Water.

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