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Pologize Says Sorry Kid, I Think Your God Is Dead On Latest Single

The masked musician hits the dark, sweet spot with his smouldering new head-trip.

Pologize sends his regrets on the new single sorry kid, i think your god is dead — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A smouldering head-trip that hits the darkly sweet spot between pop, rock and electro, the masked producer/songwriter’s latest standout track explores how those with selfish intent can erode the core of even the most selfless and time-tested institutions.

“Man, when you put it that way, it’s kind of a bummer,” Pologize responds.

On the surface, the song is the story of a formerly tight-knit group now frayed, ravaged and all but destroyed. Ignoring their basic foundational tenets, they focused instead on splitting hairs of the most inane minutiae of their beliefs. According to one reviewer the vocals are “… so deep and monotone that they give the song an overall melancholy vibe.”

“Jesus,” Pologize says, his deep and monotone voice betraying the emotion his mask won’t. He still seems bummed after coming to terms with sorry kid not really being a banger. “What about my first single Colossal? That’s more uptempo and hooky, right?”

Released on Devil’s Night, Oct. 30, Colossal found a place on Eric Alper’s 360°: The Best Indie Music Spotify playlist — “So it can’t be a downer,” Pologize claims. The track takes a front row seat as the monster that is societal greed raises its ugly head and devours the willing masses. Colossal can be found with sorry kid, i think your god is dead on Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud — at least, while the fragile veneer of our society still exists.

As for Pologize’s next single: “It’s got ‘party’ in the title and it’s like twice the bpm of sorry kid,” he says. Due out toward the end of 2019, This Party Sucks is the final track of Pologize’s EP, The Roots of a Wall — a track for a fest celebrating the final second of our existence. With an attitude like that, no wonder he can’t make a happy tune.

Assuming that everything’s intact in 2020, Pologize is working with Sundance Award-winning director and visual artist Jason Willis on videos for all three tracks of the forthcoming The Roots of a Wall EP.

Listen to sorry kid, i think your god is dead below, and find out more about Pologize via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.