Tinnitist TV | Episode 33: Ronnie’s Documentarian Oliver Murray

The British filmmaker talks about his Ronnie Scott documentary, jazz clubs & more.


If you love great music documentaries — and really, who doesn’t? — I’ve got one to put on your watch list.

It’s called Ronnie’s, and it chronicles the life and times of British jazz saxophonist Ronnie Scott and the world-famous club that he started in London decades ago, and which is still going strong today. Expertly and creatively directed by Oliver Murray, the film unearths a treasure trove of archival live footage shot in the club — icons like Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Roland Kirk, Nina Simone, Van Morrison, Chet Baker and more perform. Between those segments, Murray shines the spotlight on the complex musician and entrepreneur Scott through off-camera interviews with family, friends, former employees and fellow artists. The result, currently streaming on Apple+, is essential viewing for jazz buffs, documentary lovers and biography fans. As the film’s long-delayed release date finally neared, Murray got on the Zoom from his London home to discuss the making of Ronnie’s, his favourite moments from the film, his dream project and more. Enjoy.