Kele Fleming & Cholly Make Waves With Sea In Me Remix

The B.C. singer-songwriter enlists the U.K. producer for her latest remix release.

Kele Fleming sails into uncharted waters with the new Cholly Remix of her single Sea In Me — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest in a series of remix singles featuring tracks from the B.C. singer-songwriter’s most recent album The Song I’ll Write For My Whole Life, the innovative U.K. producer’s version retools the stylishly sleek, yearning synth-pop of the 2020 original into an edgier electronica excursion.

“I wrote this song after visiting the giant Pacific octopus at the Vancouver Aquarium,” Fleming recalls. “The song is full of longing and love and mystery and the importance of connection. I found it quite sad that the octopus was isolated on its own in a small aquarium. I wondered what it might be longing for… The wide-open ocean, a lover, the inky depths, connection to another. So, you can hear in this song, a love song really, an intense longing. The main character is wishing for their lover to be free, beneath the waves.

“Musically, the song tries to capture the essence of the ocean and the quality of the sound encourages a trance-like experience that takes you to unfathomable depths. It’s also about cross-species connection as all life sprang from the ocean and we carry that salt water around with us still. What else might we share? In that sense it is a universalizing song inside a kind of whimsical image of the octopus.

“The original arrangement for this song is purposefully lush and multi-layered to convey the complexity of life and the power of love and longing,” Fleming continues. “The bass and synths are reaching back to the ’80s — inspired by The Cure, Eurthymics, Joy Division. The song also features a 10-voice choir (The Sea Change Choir) comprised of local singers and musicians from Vancouver’s indie music scene.

“This remix is the creation of U.K. electronic artist Cholly. Cholly is a British clectro-cinematic [op singer-composer. Her musical signature is to use samples of organic sounds (her voice and other instruments) to create lush electronica soundscapes. Her music can be heard on the BBC in the U.K.”

Fleming’s music, laced with intelligent, conscious, and thought-provoking lyrics, has helped her become a cool presence in today’s music industry as it progresses toward a more diverse and inclusive landscape. Thanks to remixers who deconstruct and revamp her work, Kele is garnering streams and DJ club play around the world, reaching an entirely new generation and audience.

Check out Sea In Me (Cholly Remix) above, sample more of Kele Fleming’s music below, and find her at her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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