Thursday Mixtape | More Than 130 Songs That Are Right As Rain (Side 7)

I went for a walk in the park this morning. I nearly got caught in a sudden cloudburst. After it dried out, I went to the store. When I came out, it was pouring. Now it’s nice again and I’m on the patio. I can already hear thunder in the distance. Some days you just can’t win. Good thing you can’t lose with today’s roster of 130-plus singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasures, golden oldies and live performances — most of which you won’t find anywhere else (and only one of which features the word rain in its title). Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a ⭐️. No umbrella required:



1Morgan Harper-Jones | Forever For Now

2⭐️ Brennan Leigh | The Red Flags You Were Waving

3⭐️ Bells Larsen | Place To Be

4Justine Giles | Another Chance (ft. Sarah Houston)

5Elina Filice | Let’s Get Lost

6Gaume | Il Pleut (Live)

7Ernest | Done At A Bar (Circle Sessions)

8Ellie Turner | How Long

9Fred Abong | My Way

10Steve & Ginie Jackson | 7 Billion People

11Anjimile | Father

12Jörgen Kjellgren | Bluebird Waltz

13⭐️ John Fahey | Evening, Not Night (Pt. 2)