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Afra Kane Announces New Album Could We Be Whole

The Swiss pianist melds classical, soul, jazz, R&B and more on her upcoming LP.

Acclaimed singer-pianist Afra Kane has just announced the release of her new album Could We Be Whole, introduced by the singles Invisible Cross and Empty Promises — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Due in March, Could We Be Whole shares the experience of shedding one’s multiple layers of self to finally find wholesomeness again. An insightful musical journey to one’s rediscovery through taking new risks, it takes on a new surprisingly boundary-breaking musical journey for the artist, as she explores other musical identities, while simultaneously embracing her old self. This album merges classical, soul, jazz, R&B, Afrobeats and even Latin flavours into an unprecedented mix of sweet and sour, reflecting the multifaceted artist that she is.

Produced by Kane with longtime collaborator Christophe Farine, Could We Be Whole immediately affirms the Swiss artist as a captivating and chameleonic new songstress, her intimate and mysterious creative approach marked by virtuosic arrangement, seductive vocal power, and intangible magic. Look no further than the deeply soulful single Empty Promises and the transcendent, gospel-infused Invisible Cross, both illustrated by videos from filmmaker Élise Gyger.

“In French you would say the record is very ‘brut,’ ” says Kane, “almost like a rough diamond. It’s more raw than I think people would anticipate and then gets edgier as it goes along. There are some things that might sound a bit nightmarish. And then some things that are more appealing to the soul. I always try to balance my music, between making it digestible but also pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, so it’s a learning experience for me as an artist as well as the listener.”

Born in Vicenza, Italy of Nigerian descent, Kane began playing piano in order to accompany worship services at church, but her talent quickly led to an education in classical piano at prestigious conservatoires. She soon tried her hand as a singer-songwriter, fusing her classical training with elements of jazz, soul, R&B, future funk, and more to craft a nuanced, cinematic sound that earned her 2019’s Montreux Jazz Talent Award from a jury that included Stanley Clarke, Chilly Gonzales, Carl Craig and Chucho Valdés.

A series of singles like the lauded Mouth Shut drew even more applause and increasing airplay. Her 2019 debut EP Scorpio was followed by international touring, including headline dates in New York City and Europe, along with a sold-out residency at Hong Kong’s Café Carlyle. 2022 brought her debut album Hypersensitive, which earned further acclaim for its spellbinding and healing songcraft, rich expansive production, soulful sensitivity, and a truly singular lyrical perspective. With Could We Be Whole on the horizon, Kane is poised for a milestone leap forward towards as-yet-unscaled new heights.

Watch the videos for Invisible Cross and Empty Promises above, check out Could We Be Whole’s track list and hear more from Afra Kane below, and meet her on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Could We Be Whole Track List

1 | Intro (feat. Hook)
2 | Warm Up (feat. Hook)
3 | Empty Promises
4 | Free Pt.1
5 | Free Pt.2
6 | Invisible Cross
7 | Palabras (feat. Alina Amuri)
8 | Vision
9 | Death In My Dreams
10 | Lift Up
11 | Procrastinating
12 | Paranoïa


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